REI TALAN Telephone and Line Analyzer Wins 2008 Canadian Technical Security Conference Award

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The TALAN Telephone and Line Analyzer (manufactured by REI) has been awarded the 2008 Candadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) Award for significant industry contribution, research and engineering design.

Telephone technology has advanced over the past several years, and so have the methods and possibilities for surveillance devices on telephone lines, making traditional eavesdropping tap detection methods outdated and ineffective. Additionally, multiple pieces of test equipment were required to conducted time consuming tests that provided limited results. The TALAN is a breakthrough in telephone and line testing, combining multiple tests into a single piece of equipment as well as introducing NEW technology providing effective tap detection tests for both digital and analog telephone lines.

The Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) is an annual conference composed of Technical Security Specialists and members of the Canadian Technical Security Professional Association (CTSPA). Delegates and speakers of the conference include technical security professionals representing private companies, law enforcement, military and government organizations from Canada and around the world. The primary sponsor and organizer of the annual event is Professional Development TSCM Group Inc. (PDTG).

The annual conference serves two primary objectives: first by providing an educational component of professional skills development, and second by providing a networking opportunity for professional TSCM operators, equipment manufacturers, and the end user clients that are responsible for implementing formal Technical Security, Communication Security (COMSEC), and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) programs within corporate, private, and government sectors.

"REI is honored to have been chosen for the 2008 Canadian Technical Security Conference Award. We support the CTSC in their efforts to increase awareness and training regarding the need to protect information from eavesdropping and malicious information theft," said Tom Jones, REI General Manager. "REI's goal is to provide government, corporate, law enforcement, and private sweep providers the most advanced TSCM tools available to protect against information theft."

The TALAN's introduces NEW testing technology including the following:

  • Line Non-Linear Junction Detection NLJD (which indicates if any electronics are attached to a wire),
  • Digital Demodulation (which can indicate if a digital phone system is passing audio when it shouldn't),
  • FDR-Frequency Domain Reflectometer (similar to a TDR-Time Domain Reflectometer to check for impedance anomalies or taps on a phone line), and
  • Automated Switching Matrix to automate tests on all pair combinations of wires on telephone line.

The TALAN also integrates and automates standard telephone testing equipment such as traditional Multimeter tests (voltage, current resistance, and capacitance), an Audio Amplifier (to indicate if the line is passing audio), a Spectrum Analyzer (up to 85MHz), and an Oscilloscope.

The TALAN establishes a new state of the art in telephone testing for both Digital and Analog telephone systems by combining traditional telephone tests with new testing capabilities. Patents Pending. For more information, contact REI (

About Professional Development (TSCM) Group, Inc. (PDTG)
Within the operating umbrella of the Professional Development (TSCM) Group (PDTG), there are four main entities: 1) The Technical Security Branch (TSB) providing professional TSCM, COMSEC, and Electronic Countermeasures related services to Individuals, Government/Military, Corporations, and small to medium size business clients, 2) The Professional Development Group Technical Security Specialist (TSS) Certification Training, providing technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) certification training. 3) The Canadian Technical Security Professional Organization (CTSPA), and 4) The Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC). The PDTG has over 28 years of experience in TSCM. For more information visit

About Research Electronics International
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