Author & Radio Host Tim Kellis Charges Psychologists Who Write Relationship Books Are Helping to Spawn a Divorce Industry

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If you're one of the many psychologists churning out relationships books today, you might want to steer clear of marriage maestro Tim Kellis. Author & radio host Tim Kellis charges Psychologists who write relationship books are helping to spawn a divorce industry.

This tragic trend can easily reverse if couples would follow my advice

Tim Kellis, author of "Equality: The Quest for the Happy Marriage" and radio talk show host, might just tell you to your face where to get off. He feels strongly that too many psychologists are clueless about helping couples stay married. In fact, he believes Psychologists are contributing to the divorce debacle in this country.

Our culture of divorce is spiraling out of control like the price of fuel at the pump, he laments. A whole divorce industry has sprung up cheering couples on to disengage and go their separate merry ways, but divorce is far from a "happy ending."

"This tragic trend can easily reverse if couples would follow my advice," says Kellis, a one-time Wall Street analyst who brings his analytical skills and common sense mindset to what has become his crusade to save marriage.

Far from helping to bring down the 50% divorce rate, psychologist authors led by charming pied pipers like Dr. Phil may be actually exacerbating it, charges Kellis, who reveals in media interviews that he has solved the marriage crisis.

How to keep couples together is an objective he has studied, researched and modeled on the brilliant insights of psychologist Carl Jung, the one-time heir apparent of Sigmund Freud.

In his new book, Equality: The Quest for the Happy Marriage, and as co-host of the "Men on Marriage" radio show, Tim Kellis presents radically new, but remarkably simple solutions to end the cycle of divorce and achieve long lasting happiness and how to have a happy relationship.

At see Tim's most recent interview with the ABC affiliate in West Palm Beach and listen to his interviews on "A Balanced Life with Beth Aldrich" on KRWM in Seattle and on "" Tim is starting to get heard!

In his relationship book, Kellis takes readers on a journey through history to not only help them discover more about themselves, but he teaches new ways to build and keep a happy, healthy, harmonious, affectionate and intimate marriage.

Equality examines what factors turn marriage negative, such as arguments or "the manner in which couples address inevitable conflicts. Positive relationships address them as 'disagreements' while negative relationships address them as 'arguments'."


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