NorAM Offers New Kind of Paint Booth

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Offers increase in production and big savings on energy, costs, and labor for bodyshops

NorAM, Inc. is offering a sophisticated piece of equipment that debunks the general perception that a paint booth is nothing more than "a fan in a box."

NorAM, a provider since 1995 of high-tech booths and related equipment, offers a cutting-edge painting booth technology that increases production (i.e., higher annual gross), and significantly lowers energy bills by at least 50 percent. Not just in that first year of use, or the second, but forever.

The increase in production is made possible by the powerful heating system, which can dry a new paint job in about 19 minutes.

The energy savings are possible because the NorAM product recycles 80 percent of the hot air used to heat the booth. All of the air, fresh and re-used, is filtered three times each cycle keeping the air, equipment, and paint job clean, and also insuring a particulate free emissions, exceeding EPA guidelines. That's an enormous improvement over other systems that continually draw air from outside the unit. That means in cold seasons, other systems must quickly and constantly heat new sources of air. A costly process. It also keeps the painter and all debris away from the car, and removes overspray and fumes.

"Traditionally, paint booths have been retrofitted to use sprayed waterborne paint. We designed a booth from ground zero to use the new technology," says Harold Davis, founder and president of NorAM, Inc.

"Our first waterborne system was introduced years ago," says Davis. "We wanted a booth that would get the job done without attachments. Our booths concentrate the enveloping air flow on the vehicle, which makes the paint dry faster and takes away any hazing. If you add more heat, it dries even faster. Our whole goal was to create a paint booth that would not need retrofitting for waterborne paint. After all, adding nozzles may work as a retrofit, but if you are looking for a new product that is ready to do the job without adding complications, that's ours."

"Adding any component to an existing booth can cause inexact turbulence, which can put dirt on the new finish. In our booths, airflow is controlled without adding this problem. For many years, people have been trying to solve the turbulence issue. As far as I'm concerned, it's now a non-issue," concludes Davis.

Many of the paint booth manufacturers that bodyshops work with are based in Italy. The distance between hemispheres means that product services, such as parts replacement, are less than ideal. Ordering a part from Italy may take up to a month, but with NorAM you can get it in a day.

The paint booth also features a unique lighting system that has to be seen to be believed. Most conventional painting booths light vehicles from the side or floor. But that makes painting difficult because the painter casts shadows and creates glare as he circles the vehicle. As a result, it can be difficult to test color for evenness and depth.

For more information contact Harold Davis at NorAM, Inc., 11025 Jones Camp Spur, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405; visit or call 800-880-2808, fax 205-752-1605.


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