Writer Discovers Cure for Schizophrenia, Depression and Other Mental Illnesses

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Christina Sponias, a literary writer, discovers how to prevent and cure mental illness due to severe neurosis, psychosis and other mental disorders, by continuing the pioneering research of famed psychiatrist Carl Jung into the unmapped regions of the human psyche. Sponias' method of dream interpretation is easy to use and has immediate, positive results for patients who suffer from simple depression or neurosis.

Dream interpretation is a guaranteed cure for depression and craziness

Christina Sponias claims that, using her method of dream translation, she can cure psychotic and schizophrenic patients after years of traditional psychotherapy has failed. By continuing the work of Carl Jung in the field of dream translation and the unconscious mind, Sponias has discovered the existence of a wild anti-conscience that lives in all of us.

People suffering from mental disorders can be overcome by the wild anti-conscience that seeks to destroy our human side. Whereas, the wise unconscious mind sends messages to us in our dreams to help us regulate the wild anti-conscience. Sponias claims that we can avoid traps and pitfalls in our lives by leveraging the power of the wise unconscious mind through dream translation, thereby improving our personal effectiveness.

Sponias' ebook "Craziness Prevention: Free and Safe Psychotherapy through Dream Interpretation" revolutionizes the fields of Psychology and Psychiatry. She claims that through dream interpretation alone, psychotic and schizophrenic patients, who often don't cooperate with their doctors, and sometimes undergo years of unsuccessful therapy, can now be cured.

Dream interpretation provides explanations and solutions to unbearable problems that mental patients suffer; solutions that are uniquely tailored by patients' own minds to their individual situation. Dream messages guide patients back to the road of psychic health and a normal life. All you have to do is listen to them and learn how to translate their symbols into language that you can readily understand.

Christina Sponias makes an extraordinary promise; she promises to cure depression or neurosis with only 6 to 8 months of psychotherapy. Further she promises to prevent future depression, craziness and thoughts of suicide even before they even begin to manifest. "Dream interpretation is a guaranteed cure for depression and craziness," claims Sponias, "because your unconscious mind knows how to guide you and overcome the absurd tendencies of the wild side of your conscience."

Christina Sponias has being guiding and curing mentally ill patients since 1990. She claims that by using dream translation techniques correctly, you learn who you really are, how you can correct your mistakes, how to predict the future of your own life and how to eliminate the potential for future negative events in your life. In addition to curing mental illness, dream messages teach you how to become wiser and more intelligent, how to achieve physical health and how to avoid diseases and prevent accidents.

Sponias is offering free professional dream translation for visitors to her website. Visit http://www.scientificdreaminterpretation.com for more information or check out details on her book about Craziness Prevention at http://www.booksirecommend.com

For more information about the scientific method of dream interpretation, you may contact Sponias' publicist, Elizabeth Dean, or visit http://www.scientificdreaminterpretation.com
Elizabeth Dean, Director of Public Relations
Scientific Dream Interpretation
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