Florida Company Helps California Drought

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Ultra Luster Worldwide, saves up to 150 gallons of water each time a car is washed. Over 15,000,000 gallons of water are needlessly wasted each day washing cars. This Florida based company has one of the conservation answers.

Florida's Ultra Luster Worldwide announces it is helping California's drought.

Ultra Luster Worldwide is the maker of Waterless Car Wash products, reduces shipping to the state of California on its Elite orders.

California's water situation is critical. Gov. Schwarzenegger has declared a condition of drought and ordered the state Department of Water Resources to transfer water to areas with the most severe shortages. He has urged local districts and agencies to promote conservation and told Californians to cut usage by 20%.

Builders and legislators battle over curtailed building permits and cities are fighting for greater shares of diminishing water supplies. The tomato crops in San Joaquin Valley are in danger of total loss. Riverside County -- one of the fastest growing counties in the country has held up nine major building projects, including a 1500-home development because of water shortage.

With 600,000 people a year moving into the state of California each year, demand for water out paces this growth to the extent of 2,000,000 acre-feet per year.

Is "Desal" the answer? Desalinating the ocean is possible, but not for decades. The largest desal plant in the state is used at the Diablo Nuclear Generating station, producing 600,000 gallons a day for the plant. Saudi Arabia has 30 such stations providing 70% of its drinking water. The population of the entire country however, is slightly more than greater Los Angeles, and it has been building and operating its plants for over 40 years. Currently, cost of desalination is between $1000 to $2000 dollars per 326,000 gallons of water...such pricing would need to drop to under $500 per acre foot to be acceptable.

Conservation? Waste management? Restrictions? Technology? What is the answer?
Ultra Luster Worldwide has a partial solution. Millions of gallons of water can be protected, by simply using Waterless Car Wash. Nearly every community in the state of California currently has regulations against wasting water for car cleaning. Ultra Luster Worldwide spent several hundred thousand dollars, took seven years and 11 formulations to perfect a Waterless Car Wash that could be applied directly to a dirty vehicle, clean it and polish the surface without scratching, to a brilliant shine.

The cost reduces the same effort from $12.00 to $30.00, to only $3.00. It reduces the time involved from 1 to 3 hours, down to 20 minutes. It saves up to 150 gallons of water each time it is used. It is modern technology that is being overlooked and could save the state of California millions of gallons of water being wasted, each day.

To do it's part and to promote it's water saving products, Ultra Luster announced that it will temporarily reduce it's shipping for products to the state of California, by 50% on Elite orders. Ultra Luster Worldwide is a direct sales company which has primarily been operating on the eastern seaboard. The water crisis is country-wide with states like Florida, Georgia, and Virginia being hardest hit. California however, is the first state to openly declare the impending crisis via Gov. Schwarzenegger's declaration.

Reported by Sandy Shirley
Ultra Luster Worldwide contact; EVP Drew Earl Email drewearl@aol.com PH 702-521-5328


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