Atlanta Roof Contractor KTM Roofing Reacts to Rising Oil Costs

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Recent increases in crude oil has impacted the roofing industry. Asphalt shingles, common on many homes require crude oil as a major component of production. KTM Roofing in Atlanta, GA is warning consumers about how the recent price changes in raw materials will impact the Atlanta roof contractor market.

From January 2008 to June 2008 our cost for asphalt shingles has gone from $30 to $46 for the same roof coverage area

Metro Atlanta roof installation company KTM roofing is feeling the widespread impact of the rising oil cost across America. KTM has been an established roofing leader in the Atlanta community for over 20 years. Like other roofing companies, KTM now needs to accommodate rising oil prices into its operating budget. Unlike other roofing companies, KTM has an advantage of over two decades of experience as a leading Atlanta roofing contractor.

The roofing industry is experiencing a double burden due to the oil dilemma. The high cost of gasoline is affecting materials transportation and operating expenses for roofing contractors. In Atlanta, asphalt roofing is a common preference among home owners for its economic-friendly price and durability. Since 85% percent of homes in the Atlanta area are covered with asphalt shingles, an increase in raw materials can be significant.

The problem KTM and many other roofers in the Atlanta area face is that since asphalt is created from crude oil, as the oil prices rise, so must the price of asphalt shingles. It is expected that despite the increased cost to produce, roofers will continue using asphalt shingles because of its common use with today's homeowners.

KTM has experienced market fluctuations before and through experience knows how the increased cost of crude oil from Venezuela will impact the prices of Atlanta asphalt roof shingles. The price increase extends to all Atlanta roofing contractors including companies such as KTM that have 'A pricing' (best pricing available) with shingle manufacturers due to volume. In addition, the increased cost of various metals has impacted other materials required in a new roof installation.

"From January 2008 to June 2008 our cost for asphalt shingles has gone from $30 to $46 for the same roof coverage area," explains Tim McLoughlin, President of KTM Roofing. "A portion of this cost will need to be passed on by KTM and all roofing companies. Unlike the price of oil, once the cost of shingles goes up, it historically stays at that level. Asphalt shingle prices do not fluctuate like oil prices do."

He also warns consumers to be skeptical of other roofing companies that offer 'too good to be true' asphalt shingle pricing. "The only way for a roofing company to maintain previous (asphalt shingle) roof rates would be to decrease the quality of craftsmanship," says McLoughlin.

A decrease in quality today can mean a lot of problems down the road, especially among Atlanta asphalt shingle roofs that are designed to last 25 or even 30 years.

For many Atlantans, a roofing repair is an essential part to their home maintenance. Homeowners with critical roof problems will need to fix or even reroof, regardless of price. KTM's comprehensive approach to roof proposals means the customer is provided with a better Atlanta roof estimate. KTM is able to accomplish this through built in computers and printers it brings on site.

During these shifting times of increased oil prices KTM looks to maintain and increase its reputation as a high quality Atlanta asphalt roofing company through the implementation of additional efficiencies in daily business operations.

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