Food Matters - But is it the Answer to Illness, Disease, Fatigue, Weight Loss and Chronic Pain?

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A riveting new documentary called "Food Matters," launched globally on May 30, jolts the trillion-dollar worldwide, 'healthcare industry', by declaring a range of scientifically verifiable natural solutions for vibrant health and wellness.

There are very simple, step-by-step lifestyle changes that we as individuals can make to start reversing the increasing levels of serious illness

Nutritionists turned filmmakers, James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch, have produced a bold film based on a challenging and potentially startling message of self-healthcare. This eye-opening documentary has viewers going "WOW" as it asks then answers these thought-provoking questions:

Can simple food and self-care arrest and reverse chronic disease, fatigue and illnesses?

Which foods could promote vibrant energy, blood pressure, emotional well-being, healthy blood sugar and weight loss?

Can the right kind of nutrition preserve and promote vibrant health, arrest and even reverse chronic illness?

What food choices are responsible for chronic aches and pains?

Can high doses of nutrients really be the answer to certain terminal illnesses?

Is there a way of eating that can unleash peak performance?

Can two handfuls of a favorite delicious snack nut provide the therapeutic equivalent of a prescription dose of anti-depressant drugs without any potential side-effects?

Are food choices available that can reduce worker as well as student absenteeism?

These and many more emerging nutritional facts are revealed in this 'tell-all' film. More importantly, viewers learn the secrets of how to do it themselves.    

"The captivating film shatters the belief fed to us by modern medicine that there is 'a pill for every ill," said Colquhoun. "We're not suggesting that pharmaceutical drugs don't have their place, we're saying that our overburdened health care practitioners perhaps do not have the time to educate people about alternative treatments and healthy living."

"There are very simple, step-by-step lifestyle changes that we as individuals can make to start reversing the increasing levels of serious illness," said ten Bosch.

At a time when our struggling healthcare and wellness system is under review and global healthcare reform is urgent, "Food Matters" presents astonishing new alternatives to costly pharmaceutical intervention.

According to one of the film's contributors, author and therapeutic nutrition specialist, Andrew W. Saul, these claims are entirely viable. Saul says, "Good health makes a lot of sense, but it doesn't make a lot of dollars."

Another of the film's expert commentators, Charlotte Gerson, founder of the Gerson Institute, which has helped improve the lives of countless cancer patients using the Gerson Therapy, claims that, "a normal, healthy body has such powerful defenses that it cannot and will not develop cancer or any other chronic disease."

"If we can help people become more aware of the choices available to them, they can start to reduce their reliance on the healthcare industry," explained Colquhoun. "It's about education, not just medication. With access to solid information, people invariably make good choices for their health."

The film is available on DVD & for viewing online through video streaming provider 'Vividas', using the same technology as the smash hit 'The Secret'.

To view the film visit: invites you to view 'Food Matters' and pass this very important message on to your loved ones, family and friends.

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