TailoredMail Increases Email Deliverability with Smart Delivery

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Leading-edge email service provider introduces a new concept of delivering emails to the inbox, resulting in up to a 20% increase in delivery and open rates.

According to the 2008 Email Marketing Industry Census, one of the largest surveys of email marketers, over half of the companies surveyed said that they had experienced problems reaching recipients' inboxes within the last 12 months. Committed to dynamically "delivering the mail" for businesses of all sizes including Fortune 500 corporations since 1999 - and to significantly improving the open/click rates for the campaigns that are emailed, TailoredMail's easy-to-use email broadcasting solution suite, significantly improves deliverability and open/click-rates of targeted and relevant emails. Using a combination of intelligent technology, services, and testing, TailoredMail provides clients the best possible success of being delivered to the inbox.

Announcing Smart Delivery by TailoredMail. Smart Delivery is a new capability comprised of innovative authoring-assistance tools for layout and segmentation optimization, certification and authentication offerings, automated feedback loops, and dedicated reputation management and testing services. These services are designed in conjunction with the world's leading direct marketers and retailers, such as Whole Foods Markets, Washington Mutual, Shell Chemicals, and Precor Exercise Equipment, which facilitate industry-leading deliverability and content-targeting processes, ensuring messages reach intended targets and are highly relevant.

One of the more innovative approaches to dealing with these issues is the concept of time-targeted delivery - the idea that there's an optimal time of day to attract the attention of a customer or prospect. TailoredMail uses the Smart Delivery system to capture and analyze information from sign-up/edit-profile forms, welcome messages, open and tracked-link data, and other factors to "predict" the optimal time to send each email - individually. Without requiring any additional work on the author's part, the TailoredMail system can intelligently deliver emails throughout the day based on the calculated optimal time frame.

Another major challenge in delivering email to a captive audience includes navigating whitelists, feedback loops, certifications, list-hygiene and reputation services. TailoredMail streamlines this complex process with Smart Delivery by automating these services, for free, as a part of the every-day use of the TailoredMail application. TailoredMail is well-known for its ability to create highly tailored, top-deliverable emails and RSS feeds that respect the subscriber's preferences resulting in a trustworthy and loyal e-relationship. This is done by allowing TailoredMail users to choose topics of interest, filters that clarify the context of content they want, setting frequency and format preferences, and more. By allowing the subscriber to 'control' their profile in such detail, it ensures that emails delivered are deeply personalized, right down to each specific article within a newsletter, for example. This concept underscores the importance of developing a strong reputation amongst its clientele that anyone using the TailoredMail system is emphatic about delivering the most relevant email possible.

One important way TailoredMail maintains its well-respected reputation is through a unique Goodmail™ CertifiedEmail™ system. CertifiedEmail is a premium class of trusted email that allows consumers to identify authentic messages from legitimate senders with whom they have a pre-existing relationship. TailoredMail is one of the first email service providers to utilize Goodmail's CertifiedEmail service - currently available for delivery to AOL, Yahoo and British Telecom - and soon to be available with AT&T, Comcast, Cox Communications, Road Runner and Verizon. TailoredMail assists its clients with the CertifiedMail approval/ certification process, which requires a significantly lower than industry-average spam-complaint-rate in order to qualify.

CertifiedEmail, available with a differentiating icon, is routed automatically to the inbox, past content and volume filters assuring 100% email deliverability. "53% of those surveyed said they would be more likely to open an email if it had a symbol identifying it as having been certified by a trusted third party." - Email Sender and Provider Coalition (ESPC). Rest assured, emails containing the coveted TailoredMail stamp comply with all SPAM legislation, contain accurate and instant unsubscribe and edit-profile links, and are sent from a trusted and reliable source. Capable of increasing delivery or open rates by as much as 20%, TailoredMail is also a certified provider of the ReturnPath's Sender Score Program™, certified by TRUSTe™.

Further supporting deliverability to targeted mailboxes, TailoredMail's integrated authentication services and direct relationships with worldwide ISPs ensure uninterrupted transmission. TailoredMail, a customer-focused email service provider, also maintains its own DNS servers and can provide clients with a dedicated IP address and customized domains ensuring that proper brand identity is viewed in the from-address, links, and subscriber and unsubscribe pages. Additionally, TailoredMail's trusted relationships with several major ISPs worldwide results in automated feedback loop processing. Feedback loops are notifications to TailoredMail from an ISP of individuals who have clicked the "This is SPAM" button in their email - which then unsubscribes them within TailoredMail. This important process is one of the key factors in TailoredMail maintaining strong reputations and deliverability with ISPs such as AOL, Hotmail, Comcast and others.

A simple solution to optimum email deliverability: TailoredMail. Enjoy the commitment to delivering the most relevant, tailored, and deliverable email content possible in a full-featured, sophisticated, yet simple to use solution. To read more of TailoredMail's Deliverability Tools and Services, visit http://www.tailoredmail.com/stamp.htm.

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TailoredMail dramatically simplifies email content creation and management, and engages email audiences like never before by giving them the choice and control of information they receive - for a stronger, more-engaging two-way communications relationship through email newsletters. TailoredMail offers the most flexibility in the email marketing industry through a full range of email marketing solutions. For more information, visit http://www.TailoredMail.com.

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