Personal and Home Styling Services in Montreal are Hot According to Style Exclusive

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Montreal-based Style Exclusive offers an intuitive and exclusive touch to bring out people's exclusive personal and home style.

Today, more than ever before, people are paying attention to their appearances by exercising more, eating healthier, wearing more suitable clothes, and decorating their homes, among other lifestyle choices. The new push toward bringing out the best of one's self and showing confidence is on the rise. Unfortunately, too few people know how to achieve their lifestyle goals. Montreal is becoming a hub where professional stylists assist people in identifying their real persona and achieving the image they want to project.

According to Lina Piccioni, President of Style Exclusive (, a company that focuses on personal style and home décor, in order to exude self-confidence one must pay attention to the way they look. Feeling and looking great makes people happier as individuals within their home, in their working environment, with their family members, among their friends and colleagues, and in the public domain.

In today's fast paced world, people are constantly on the move. Often they do not have the time to devote to themselves. Personal appearances tend to be on the low end of an individual's priority list. They have deadlines to meet, sales figures to reach, appointments to make, homes to upkeep, children's activities to attend, and other duties that prevent them from considering their own needs.

That's where Style Exclusive comes in. Piccioni and her colleagues perform lengthy and detailed consultations with clients to clearly identify what the particular individual really needs given the parameters of their own unique lifestyles.

"In some cases, a thorough wardrobe analysis and closet re-organization will do the trick in putting someone's life back on track as she is so overwhelmed with her life's demands that she would not know where to start on her own. Or, someone could have just landed his dream job in the corporate world and needs to dress the part. He knows his casual clothes will not reflect the intelligent and professional individual that he really is."

This is where Style Exclusive alleviates the stress of decision-making. They address their clients' individual needs and provide solutions that will bring out the best in their appearances.

By the same token, Style Exclusive does the same for home-owners. Having a home that one is proud of can increase a family's sense of quality time. Replacing a mish-mash of furniture that has been accumulated over the years can make for a frustrating experience. Few individuals know where to begin which is why so many people are turning to the professionals.

Piccioni firmly believes that "one's home should be their sanctuary. Our daily lives are challenging enough and coming home should be a wonderful, enjoyable and relaxing escape."

Style Exclusive also provides home staging consultations for property owners in the Montreal area. Staging often increases the perceived value of a property by reducing the home's flaws, decluttering, cleaning, and improving each room's appearance.

"Home staging provides clients with a unique service by creating an environment which is less personalized and more neutral. That makes it easier for potential buyers to envision their family living there," says Piccioni.

Style Exclusive caters to people looking to increase the value of their homes. In many cases, just a few minor changes are sufficient to get more visitors to place an offer. The key is to get one of their experienced consultants to point out the important areas that require attention. Some common changes include removing extra furniture, making changes to windows to allow more natural light to come in, re-painting certain rooms or walls, or re-organizing messy rooms.

"The bottom line is that home sellers can sell their homes more quickly and earn more by using a professional home stager," Piccioni adds. When should you get in contact with a home staging specialist? Right before the house is placed on the market. Piccioni emphasizes that "home owners should contact us before a house is placed on the market to assess their needs and implement appropriate changes."

Style Exclusive (, is a personal and home styling consultancy based in Montreal. With over twenty years of personal and home fashion experience, the Style Exclusive team offers an array of home and personal stylist services including home staging, interior re-design, holiday decorating, personal shopping and image consulting.

For more information, please contact Lina Piccioni of Style Exclusive at 514-772-9692 or visit


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