Writer Releases World's Unhealthiest Cookbook!

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Writer Steve H. Graham (The Good, the Spam and the Ugly) has just released Eat What You Want and Die Like a Man - The World's Unhealthiest Cookbook! Each recipe comes with a funny essay. If you're sick of self-righteous whiners telling you what to eat, this book is for you.

Writer Steve H. Graham (The Good, the Spam and the Ugly) has just published his long-awaited masterpiece, Eat What You Want and Die Like a Man - The World's Unhealthiest Cookbook! Contains over 30 deadly, well-explained recipes. Buy it now at Amazon.com or your local bookstore.

Graham spent five years developing a slew of delicious, heart-hammering recipes sure to brighten the lives of weary, henpecked males everywhere. Each recipe is explained in detail; so simple, even a man can do it. Here are some examples.

  • Perfect 10-minute New York street pizza! Graham found out which ingredients the pros use, and his pal Mike contributed a perfect method for baking a pizzeria-style crust. If you have an oven and a pizza stone, you can do this. Better than any pizzeria near you, and the cost is a fraction of what pizzerias charge.
  • World's best blueberry cheesecake! These days, cheesecakes are full of disgusting vegetable shortening, and they taste like earwax. Graham got fed up and created a recipe that will bring you to your knees. Forget light, airy cheesecakes. This one weighs as much as a baby.
  • Five-hundred-and-forty-calorie brownies made with extra butter! Most brownie recipes taste like a sponge. Graham does it right, with real butter, extra sugar, and an optional layer of coconut in the middle. Women will break into your home to get these.
  • Home-aged steaks no steakhouse can touch! Don't buy the lies the steakhouse industry puts out. They don't get the best meat. They don't have special equipment you can't buy. They don't have special skills. Thanks to Steve H. Graham, you can put them to shame. Fix a better steak at home for half the price, easily, quickly, and without leaving a lot of dishes and cookware to wash. Added bonus: a simple recipe for the world's best baked potato.
  • French fries, fried twice in beef fat! The way McDonald's used to make them. You haven't had fries until you've had these fries.
  • Apricot-and-sage-glazed whole hog, with rice, raisin, and Marsala stuffing. You think a turkey is an impressive holiday meal? Wait till you serve your guests an entire glazed pig, bursting with delicious stuffing. Turkeys are for the weak. A stuffed pig is an event.

Publisher's Weekly calls Steve H. Graham "gleefully offensive" and "wildly inappropriate"!

Select quotes:

"If you have a food processor, it takes about as much effort as persuading a Frenchman not to bathe."

"You need a horse hypodermic ... it's for injecting flavor into the meat, and you can also scare the kids with it."

"Tom Cruise isn't really gay. I told him Tom had a baby and even tried to eat the afterbirth."

"I like ziti. It's spaghetti for morons."

Steve H. Graham is available for interviews. Please contact Kensington Books at (212) 407-1573 for review copies.


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