Sales Gravy Press Signs Business Coaching Experts, Sam Zordich and Jim Earley

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It's unlikely you'll ever see a book titled The Misery of a Sole Proprietorship, but it's easy to imagine any Stephen King title describing someone's miserable experience in a business partnership. Partnerships require a huge leap of faith, vulnerability, and ultimately trust, which, is why so many end very badly.

Business growth expert and management consultant Sam Zordich and pioneer business coach Jim Earley have joined forces for a new book, "Separating the Creeps from the Jewels: Partnerships for Entrepreneurs". The book, which will be published by Sales Gravy Press in the winter of 2009, is designed to help would-be and current partners understand what to look for in a business partner, how to build a strong partnership, how to keep a good one going, and what to do if a partnership hits the rocks.

"What I love most about this book is how Jim and Sam weave in real stories of partnership experiences. These stories provide insight into what's at the heart of a partnership success or failure and help the reader to relate to the true emotions - good and bad - that are involved in building a business with another person," said Jeb Blount, CEO of Sales Gravy Press.

In a recent interview, Zordich who has led and advised business owners for more than 20 years described how she suffered through a partnership of her own. "When that partnership went bad I wanted to know how I could have prevented it and how to make sure I didn't make the same mistake twice. I went to several bookstores looking for help and found nothing - just a lot of technical how-to's. So I started calling other business people and found that I was not alone. That is when Jim and I started talking about this book"

Earley, who has been coaching business owners since 1991, eagerly jumped into the project. He said he believes that structured correctly, partnerships are the most powerful relationships in the business world. "Philosophers through the ages have extolled the opportunities of collaboration, teamwork and partnering. We all know that 'two heads are better than one' and that 'many hands make light work.' Yet sole proprietors, who have heard many of the horror stories about partnerships, ignore that wisdom and slug it out on their own. I want to show them how to create a successful partnership that will make their business stronger, generate more wealth, and ultimately lead to a more fulfilling life away from work."

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