A War Crimes Trial for Bush Administration? Priceless. Web-series launches "A Throbbing Surge"

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Impeach Bush? Impeach Cheney? Comedy web-series FUN WITH WAR CRIMES Bypasses impeachment and puts the Bush administration on trail. Launching today, Episode #3 'A Throbbing Surge'.

piece on a man who climbs the sides of buildings. My question is -- was the building crawler wearing a flag lapel pin? Hmmmmm.

"Fun With War Crimes", the political satire web-series that puts the Bush Administration on trial for their war crimes releases Episode #3 "A Throbbing Surge" today on YouTube, Yahoo!, Google, their website http://www.funwithwarcrimes.com and many other outlets.

Impeachment would be nice, but the Fun With War Crimes comedy web-series is by-passing impeachment and putting the Bush administration on trial right now. Even better.

Americans need an outlet for some justice that might not actually happen in real life. Tim Bartell's FUN WITH WAR CRIMES comedy web-series delivers that justice in spades.

Who cares if it's just comedy and political satire and not real? The viewers love it. The FUN WITH WAR CRIMES web-series puts the Bush Administration where many people think they belong -- ON TRIAL and has received over 20,000 views so far. Fun With War Crimes also made YouTube's "Most Discussed" list on their launch on May 1.

Comedy web-series Fun With War Crimes "A Throbbing Surge" brings you George W. Bush's faithful little dog "Press". A few opinion polls have said that mainstream media has gotten better since the build-up to the Iraq War. Fun with War Crimes web-series Writer/Director Tim Bartell says, "Really? The Senate Intelligence Committee recently reported that the Bush administration repeatedly made false pre-war claims (i.e. "lied") to take us to war. That night ABC and CBS chose not to cover the story. But Charlie Gibson did have a really insightful "news" piece on a man who climbs the sides of buildings. My question is -- was the building crawler wearing a flag lapel pin? Hmmmmm."

More pointed and hilarious insight from Fun With War Crimes Writer/Director Tim Bartell can be heard Friday, June 27 on Sirius Satellite's INDIE TALK Channel 110 - The Blog Bunker show. The Blog Bunker can be heard at 5:30pm Eastern and 2:30pm Pacific.

Highlights from Fun With War Crimes #3 "A Throbbing Surge" are the brilliant portrayal of General Petreaus by actor Bill Lippincott with Petreaus' treasured pie-charts Also on your not-to-miss list should be the look on George W. Bush's face (actor Jim Nieb) as he describes his vision of Iraq which would include a giant water-themed park.

The comedy web-series continues its equal opportunity braising of George W. Bush, Karl Rove, Condoleeza Rice, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld. Future episodes promise appearances by Jesus, Ahhhnold Schwarzenegger, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Bush Senior and a really hot nurse administering truth serum.

Comedy web-series "Fun With War Crimes" team includes Creator/Writer/Director Tim Bartell. Producer: Joe Brouillette. Executive Producers: Avi deTurenne, Aaron De Los Reyes, and Tim Bartell. Director of Photography: Stephen Treadway and Editor: Bruno San Rafael. George Bush is played by multi-dimensional actor Jim Nieb and the Tribunal is led by an Iraqi judge played by actor Alex Dodd, aka national champion race car driver Ali Afshar. Full cast list can be seen at http://www.funwithwarcrimes.com.

Fun With War Crimes Episode #3 "A Throbbing Surge"a can be seen on YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, on the series website and the series' blog hosted by Blogger and accessible from the website, http://www.funwithwarcrimes.com.

About Doggie Dream Productions and Kiros Pictures:
Doggie Dream Productions (founded by Tim Bartell) was also producer of the comedy "First Date Meltdown" which won awards on the festival circuit in 2006 and currently can be seen on iFilm.com.

Kiros Pictures is a full service production company. Their award-winning short "Sissy Frenchfry" is distributed on iTunes and DVD through Wolfe Releasing. Kiros Pictures is currently in development on feature film adaptation of "Sissy" with Executive Producer Tom DeSanto (X-Men, Transformers).

For more information, please contact:
Fun With War Crimes - info @ funwithwarcrimes.com and by fax 413-826-1472.


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