Preproduction Systems Need Love Too: Another Kusnetzky Group Paper

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Many organizations treat preproduction test and development systems as second class citizens. This means that these critical systems are typically outgrown, hand-me-down production systems from times past. It's important to know what roles test labs have in the development and production environment.

Kusnetzky Group, Inc. today posted Preproduction Systems Need Love Too, another position paper intended to review the forces changing the market for information technology in general and virtualization technology in specific. These position papers are written by the well known software analyst, Daniel Kusnetzky, who is now the Principal Analyst and President, Kusnetzky Group Inc. This paper can be found on the Kusnetzky Group, Inc. website.

Paper Overview

IT organizations are typically focused on maintaining and extending the status quo. IT executives always face a great deal of pressure from customers, staff, partners, and now, regulatory organizations to keep their applications available at all time. The imperative they face is that their systems must always perform. These executives know that if their application systems become unavailable, the organization is likely to lose revenues, customers and, in some cases, face penalties and fines.

Customers often won't wait. If they can't order the desired products or services, they'll just hop down the 'net searching for other suppliers. Staff members and partners face tremendous pressure to be highly productive and they view application failure as simply unacceptable. Regulatory organizations have no patience for late or inaccurate reports. The focus on "incremental improvement" has typically resulted in a complex computing environment.

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