Athletes Turn to an Exact Science to Surpass and Dominate Their Competition and Enhance Peak Athletic Performance

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Athletes have found a legal, anabolic steroid free way to correct their personal biochemistry, jolting the trillion-dollar sports training industry. This scientifically proven, individually applied, natural solution for enhancing peak performance can enable an athlete to go from average to Superstar status in any sport.

Many athletes are ingesting foods, supplements and drugs that may in fact be limiting their ability to outperform their most fierce competitors

FOX news first revealed the startling, all-natural technology for peak performance that has been utilized by major Hollywood action stars, World-class athletes and military Special Forces personnel.

"Many athletes are ingesting foods, supplements and drugs that may in fact be limiting their ability to outperform their most fierce competitors," states Olympic Team Sports Med Staffer and widely sought out Orthomolecular Medicine expert, Dr. Greg Tefft, founder of Personalized Nutrition Consultants.

By comparison, athletes who utilize the program, overcome their biochemical disadvantages with marked and measurable results. Corrective Biomedical Grade supplements and test-matched-food choices are applied to each individual as needed, eliminating all guesswork.

Athletes may be given food and nutrient choices that: reduce fatigue; improve reaction time; increase their ability to train more intensely; regenerates their nervous systems; supports their endocrine systems (natural human growth hormone hGH as well as optimal testosterone production); boost adrenal output for peak performance and accelerates training recovery,

The program eradicates tendencies towards chronic disease and illnesses that can thwart athletic supremacy. Nutrient choices are recommended that promote exuberant energy; dynamic endurance; more succinct hand-eye coordination; sharpen cognitive function (focus and concentration); promote superior muscle tone and easier weight management.

Additionally, the program pinpoints and corrects nutrient imbalances and toxic metals which delay recovery rates causing chronic aches and pains, which interfere with performance.

"Scientifically-derived nutritional data about each individual athletes biochemistry are quickly uncovered and corrected in the medically verified testing programs." Dr. Tefft states "we can use precise measurements with full metabolic accountability to tell us exactly where we are and exactly what we need at any given moment allowing each athlete to compete at his or her highest level."

At a time when our athletes and their performance is under review, Peak Performance Personalized Nutrition Consulting presents legal alternatives to career damaging performance enhancing drugs like anabolic steroids and human growth hormone (hGH).

Isaac Ray, of US Navy Special Forces from Burns Oregon, says; "I was looking for a legal way to maximize my performance due to the seriousness and nature of my job. And that's exactly what I was able to do on Dr. Tefft's program. I've seen results across the board in terms of physical performance, thinking clarity, reaction time and any other way I think that's possible."

Another athlete added 20 pounds of muscle and increased his bench press by 125 pounds in less than two years without the use of performance enhancing drugs like anabolic steroids or hGH.

Completely personalized nutrition may be the key factor for an athlete. It can mark the difference between being merely an average player to becoming a - flat out - dominating force in any sport.

Taking a supplement or eating a food because it works for a teammate, does not mean that it will work properly for another athlete. According to Dr. Greg Tefft, "No two people are the same metabolically and a properly designed and executed, high-octane medical nutrition plan specific to each body's measured nutrient needs will fuel measureable results without guessing."

Athletes wanting to ethically dominate their competition are turning to advisors like Dr. Greg Tefft at: Peak Performance PNC

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