The Benefits of Online Education: JustColleges Helps in Launching Your Career with an Online Degree

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Online degree programs have brought education closer to the masses. JustColleges highlights the purpose and benefits of this increasingly popular mode of education.

Online degree programs have brought education closer to the masses. JustColleges highlights the purpose and benefits of this increasingly popular mode of education.

'The world is flat' is what Thomas Friedman said in his book that accounts for the dramatic changes that technology and communications have shrunk distances and boundaries. Juxtaposing this title in the context of a traditional classroom learning, we need to ask-- is this exploiting the true potential of Distance Learning?

There are many synonyms used in describing distance learning: Distance Education, Distributed Learning, Remote Learning, Online Learning, Online Education, Offline Learning or Virtual Classroom Teaching.

Irrespective of how you define or manage this mode of learning, the benefits are immense. Education is universally a fundamental right and has been rightfully enshrined in our constitution. If this has to happen then education and the learning process must be convenient, flexible, effective, efficient, contemporary and affordable. A distance-learning mode encompasses all these measures of performance.

At your convenience

Online Education, with or without technology, can provide convenient locations for both students and instructors. Technology today, such as the Internet, video, and telephone, is easily accessed at home and in rural community centers. Others, such as desktop videoconferencing, can be distributed from a focal point (such as a university or a college) to multiple remote sites (such as schools and community centers). Satellite transmissions can be viewed at specified sites, or the transmissions can be videotaped for later viewing at home or school.

It's flexible

The various forms of online education provide students the option to participate whenever it is convenient, on an individual basis. Some students may want to review videos or a print material on a weekend or read their e-mail during early morning hours. In addition, a student may wish to spend 30 minutes reviewing a website, while another spends an hour. Flexibility of the day and the time is available.


One of the benefits of online education is that there are a wide variety of materials that can meet everyone's learning preference - at least part of the time. For instance, some students learn from visual stimuli, such as video, and others learn best by listening or interacting with a computer program. If distance-learning programs are well designed, they provide learners a wide range of choices, imparting an optimal combination of interaction and media.

It is definitely interactive

Contrary to popular opinion, online degree programs can offer increased interactions with students. In particular, introvert students who are too shy to ask questions in class will often 'open up' when provided the opportunity to interact via e-mail or other individualized means.

Breadth and depth

Over the years online colleges have evolved and now offer programs that most traditional colleges do. This has helped in reducing the gap between campus based and online colleges thus providing students with an alternative. Students can now earn:
online associate degrees
online bachelors degrees and even an
online masters degrees.

They are also no longer restricted to a handful of subjects; online colleges now offer degrees in subjects like:
online business degrees
online education degrees
online nursing degrees
online psychology degrees

The contemporary feel

The world is becoming flatter by the day. Technology has shrunk distances that enable students to access knowledge from anywhere around the world. This mode not only enhances accessibility, but this ensures deliverables become more contemporary. Educational inequity is a major issue world over. Rural schools often have less access to contemporary educational trends, fewer qualified teachers, and more need for technology. Online education offers great potential for alleviating these issues and we should not try to distance ourselves from this mode of learning.

A focused directory

In order to assist prospective students in their endeavor JustColleges has built a complete directory of online degree programs which lists various online accredited colleges. Students can take advantage of this vast content which will not only help them in their search for the right program but will also connect them to the college directly.

For more information visit the online degree programs directory at

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