New 100% Organic Pet Stain Remover That Lifts Pet Owners' Zen-Like Spirits From Aroma-Like Meditation

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Pet stain removal key is neutralizing the stains. But a new organic pet stain remover neutralizes stain, odors, as well as disinfects messy pet problems. The difference is the Zen-like state pet owners are being placed into after using the aroma therapeutic pet product.

After the initial development of another successful natural cleaning product from, another unique organic product is ready to be launched.

Stainerizer has just been formulated as well as tested with vets and medium size pet depots. The amount of praise has been quite interesting. But what would make Stainerizer a prospect to defy the odds and become the leader in the pet stain remover and odor market.

Could it be the lifting of spirits of pet owners from Zen-like fragrances?

Stainerizer is comprised from natural ingredients that are not harmful to pets or people. The liquid solution causes a safe chemical reaction that will neutralize the urine molecules, as well as other pet-caused accidents like vomit, blood, and feces.

No scrubbing... just blotting for deeper carpet pet stains. The organic cleaning product manufacturer is determined to take away the heavy lifting and labor of pet stain removal.

The CEO Markus Skupeika stated, "Neutralization is key, and the right reaction with the correct enzymes is what will take the pain from getting rid of pet stains and odors after those long work days only to come home to find messy pet stains."

"This simple idea of neutralization has been around, although no pet stain removers have accomplished it."

Simply due to the fact that most pet stain removers are solvent-based (harsh chemical) degreasers as well as ammonia-based.

Markus Skupeika also bluntly stated, "Do not let me get started on ammonia-based pet stain removers, these actually cause pets to urinate more on the location. While this was in my opinion the core strategy of some CEOs, it is a total dishonest way to sell and formulate pet products, knowing pets will urinate more only to sell more pet stain removers, is rotten. You will not see that from guaranteed. I have pets too, so I need something not only for my family, but also to make our customers happy."

With that stated, Markus has also initiated a study on implementing pheromones in the products to keep pets away from the pet stain location. This will in turn clean pet stains as well as train pets not to urinate or defecate in the same location ever again.

So with the stains guaranteed to be removed, the natural cleaning products manufacturer then took time to create a new aroma therapy fragrance that made pet life a Zen-filled experience. The company stated that with every time a customer used Stainerizer, they were not only going to be able neutralize pet odors, stains, and disinfect. The customer would feel almost enlightened with the new fresh scent which removed pet odors from urine, feces, and common pet smells out of the carpet and air.

The Zen-like fragrance came up with was due to the owner noticing a shift in mental and physical energy levels in his and other friends' lives that had pet stains surrounding them.

Stainerizer is now being launched for mass production online. During the special launch, pet owners who are new to the 100% organic pet product will have the chance to receive a free sample of the Zen-like pet stain remover.

The launch will be compromised of about 180,000 gallons. After the scheduled 180,000 gallons have been sold, no more samples will be given away as well as any launch discounts. The launch is expected to last for only a short time, estimated about a week to two weeks. If you would like to try Stainerizer risk free, be sure to have a look at their new Stainerizer pet stain remover launch page.

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