Lead-Out Paint Stripper Revolutionizes Lead-Based Paint Removal

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New site LeadOutPaintStripper.com launches their revolutionary line of paint removal products that neutralize hazardous lead content in paints, making the process simple and safe.

This particular product is something that I care about quite a bit, because lead paint causing lead poisoning is one of the top environmental problems in the United States

Lead-Out Paint Stripper, the revolutionary industrial and residential lead paint removal system, has found its way to the Web thanks to the efforts of Real-Time Marketing LLC and their new site, http://www.LeadOutPaintStripper.com.

"We had been talking about Internet businesses, and we came across this company Solucorp, who have a brand new product, Lead-Out Paint Stripper," explains Daniel Webster, who operates Real-Time Marketing with his cousin, Peter. "We went to West Nyak, New York, and met with them to work out an arrangement that ultimately led to http://www.LeadOutPaintStripper.com."

The product itself deals with the disposal of lead-based paint, which is environmentally hazardous and creates costly disposal fees. Lead is also the source of a number of environmental and health issues, which the product directly addresses. "This particular product is something that I care about quite a bit, because lead paint causing lead poisoning is one of the top environmental problems in the United States," explains Daniel. "There are several hundred thousand children who have suffered from inhaling lead dust or contracting lead into their body in some way. Lead attaches to the brain and other parts of the body permanently, and can cause permanent brain damage. Lead-Out Paint Stripper is a very safe, efficient way of permanently removing lead paint."

The process by which the product works is both safe and efficient, sidestepping common issues and striking at the heart of the problem. "Normally, removing lead paint can be very dangerous because you have to scrape the paint off, which causes lead dust to get into the air," explains Daniel, outlining the process. "When people do that improperly, they get poisoned -- kids get poisoned. I've heard of dogs and pets dying because they licked the paint chips or inhaled the dust. Not only is it an environmental problem, it's a health problem, and because it primarily affects people in low-income urban areas, this is also a social justice issue -- people who already face prejudice and other barriers to opportunities in our country have to deal with lead poisoning, as well. Because Lead-Out Paint Stripper renders the lead nonhazardous, it can help people eliminate that problem and get the lead out of their homes. It's practical for individuals looking to remove paint on their own or for professional contractors who do lead paint abatement and must comply with Lead Safe Work Practices."

For more information on Lead-Out Paint Stripper and the other environmentally-friendly products, Daniel encourages customers to visit http://www.LeadOutPaintStripper.com and their customer-friendly blog at http://www.LeadPaintBlog.com.


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