Topia Technology Launches SKOOT™, a Secure, Immediate File Sharing and Collaboration Service

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Born to address the limitations of traditional Internet delivery systems, SKOOT, which has been tested to send more than 65 gigs, helps individuals share and collaborate on content regardless of the size or complexity of the file.

SKOOT provides the answer to bounced back emails, failed delivery of large files, network interruptions, lost productivity and most importantly, frustrated clients.

Internet users worldwide now have access to the same technology that's been helping bridge thousands of miles separating US soldiers from their families. Topia Technology's SKOOT™, a secure, simple file sharing and collaboration service allows users---for the first time---to immediately, easily and privately share large files (tested on the equivalent of 10 feature length films worth of data), bypassing email or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) services. People who want to share legal briefs, news video, ad storyboards, digital photos, movies, complex documents or music-can now do so as easily as saving a file.

Tacoma-based Topia Technology set out to address the limitations of today's Internet for providing massive file transfer capabilities and file-sharing and developed SKOOT, the first in a suite of applications to help organizations protect, share and move their digital assets among users. Now, armed with the ability to send multiple or large files effortlessly, people currently dependent on FTP services or cumbersome web-based file transfer sites can breathe a collective sigh of relief. SKOOT works from within their native applications, supports end-to-end encryption, re-establishes connections if dropped, and sends a full status report to sender and receiver upon completion.
In a world where virtual teams are springing up within and between organizations, and where huge multimedia files are becoming more a part of daily work and play, SKOOT enables people to seamlessly share and collaborate on content of any size regardless of the operating system. "We use SKOOT to share video content as we produce it for clients - they can comment and collaborate with us on productions in our own private SKOOT workspace," says John Anthony Hartman, president and founder, Feedia, a media consulting firm. "SKOOT provides the answer to bounced back emails, failed delivery of large files, network interruptions, lost productivity and most importantly, frustrated clients."

With SKOOT, users no longer have to worry about whether their version of a company document - take a sales presentation in Microsoft® PowerPoint for example -- is current. There is no need to rely on access to a company extranet, a passive and cumbersome repository of information, or email requests, in order to stay up-to-date. Once a file is updated, it is "SKOOTED" to each workspace member by simply "Saving as…" into a SKOOT workspace from within PowerPoint. The most current document automatically is distributed to their personal workspace, resulting in the most current files and documents of all company information on each user's individual computer or PDA.
"Digital technology has outpaced current Internet delivery methods. The proliferation of digital media intensifies the need to effortlessly and immediately send huge files over the Internet," said Janine Terrano, founder and chief executive officer of Topia Technology, recently named one of the fastest growing companies in Washington State. "We built SKOOT using technology originally developed for the Department of Defense/US Army Intelligence Security Command. It has been tested in the most secure, demanding of conditions, and we're now able to offer these same capabilities to businesses and individuals."

Last year when the Pentagon restricted soldiers' access to MySpace, YouTube and other social networking sites, Topia Technology was there with a safe, fast solution to keeping families in touch. The company donated SKOOT on USB drives to the spring deployment from Fort Lewis Army Base, and called the initiative Operation TroopSKOOT. Since then hundreds of troops have been creating their own Private Family Networks®, for securely communicating and sharing data, while bypassing email and banned Internet sites.

A 30-day free trial is available at

What Makes SKOOT™ Different?

  •     End-to-end encryption
  •     Works from within a user's application - simply "save as" to place any file into a SKOOT workspace folder, and that file is shared with all members of the workspace.
  •     Handles large files like photos, videos, graphics, MP3 files easily.
  •     Bypasses the hassles of email and file transfer protocol (FTP) for immediate and secure transfer
  •     In the event of power or connectivity interruption, SKOOT remembers and resumes operation where it left off
  •     Limitless applications for any company currently using email or overnight delivery service for securely transferring large data files (medical information, news footage, photos, legal documents and more)

About SKOOT™
Skoot is a simplified information sharing system for files and data of any size and any number of recipients. A click on the Skoot Workplace icon on the desktop shoots off files bypassing email systems to transfer large files hassle-free from machine to machine, direct to the desktop over the Internet. Simply put, users just drag, drop and share files. Non-invasive and agnostic, Skoot works regardless of the operating system and allows both sender and receiver access to shared files for optimum usability. Skoot promises to deliver files effortlessly, reliably, securely and efficiently. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who choose to resell Skoot can enjoy increased revenue streams, happy customers and a branding opportunity at the desktop.

About Topia Technology
Topia Technology Inc was founded in 1999 to help Internet users easily traverse the technology of the web. Topia's core technology, Kolona® is an infrastructure-enabling technology based on mobile objects. Kolona provides solutions to complex distributed systems specifically through its ability to integrate disparate systems. Topia presented Kolona as a solution to improve air traffic security to the Federal Aviation Administration FAA and local officials following September 11, 2001. The company has since been awarded multiple contracts by the FAA and US Army Intelligence Security Command; and is now bringing Kolona's capabilities to the civilian world.


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