Colorado Company Provides Invaluable Tool to Address Gas Price Crisis

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Free new interactive tool released to determine how much more home one can afford by buying a home 20 miles closer to work (or how much less expensive a home they should buy if buying a home farther away from work). Calculator also helps user determine if a higher paying job is worth the pay after factoring in extra commuting expenses, as well as estimating the impact of commuting on the environment. Free, detailed analysis is delivered as a printable report and is based on current cost of fuel, value of vehicle, average value of driver's time, and other factors.

Automated Homefinder - a Colorado Real Estate website has developed a free tool for combating the ever-increasing cost of fuel. As gas prices continue to rise, drivers continue to focus on how much it costs to fill their tanks.

Cost of Gas Only Part of the Problem:
Remedies such as filling up during cooler times of the day, driving without A/C, driving more conservatively, and gas station boycotts are proposed as solutions. Unfortunately, none of those remedies are actual solutions to the problem. The cost of fuel is only about 25% of the problem. The remaining 75% of the problem resides in the fact that every mile driven not only costs money, but depreciates vehicles, adds pollution to the environment, and takes significant amounts time away from the driver. No matter what remedy is taken to reduce fuel costs, the other 3 factors go unchanged. The only solution that actually addresses all 4 factors described is to drive less.

Commuting Expenses Usually Underestimated:
According to an ABC poll, Americans commute an average of 26 minutes to work. For most Americans, commuting to work represents the largest percentage of miles put in a car. Assuming an average of 45 miles per hour, that's approximately 20 miles each way. One of the reasons most Americans commute 20, 40, or even 60 miles to work is to live in more affordable housing. Unfortunately, most Americans make guesstimates about how much it will cost to fill their tank if they commute 40 miles to work, but they forget to factor in the complete cost of their commute, and any savings on a mortgage payment or rent are quickly eliminated due to commuting expenses.

New Tool Developed:
In an effort to add to people's quality of life, help them cut unnecessary expenses, and increase environmental awareness -- Automated Homefinder has developed a "Cost of Commuting" calculator that doesn't simply calculate how much is being spent on fuel. It also estimates vehicle wear & tear, pollutants put into the environment as a result of commuting, and most costly of all - time sacrificed as a result of commuting.

In Addition to Calculating Commuting Costs:

  • You can estimate if that new job that pays an extra $500 a month that is 20 miles farther away is worth taking based on your additional commuting expenses.
  • If you're considering a move, you can determine if it's worth buying that $275,000 home 5 miles from work, or the $200,000 home 35 miles from work.
  • You can evaluate what commuting is costing in terms of leisure time lost, or the opportunity cost of your time (how much you could earn if you spent the time working instead of driving.
  • You can calculate for multiple commuters in one household.

Calculate Your Commuting Expenses:
For a free, detailed analysis about how much your commute is actually costing you - visit


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