PICC Line Nursing and Ithaca Sports Partner to Aid in Reduction of PICC Line Infections

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Infection from a wet PICC line dressing is the most common complication when used in the home setting. Normally occurring during bathing, this risk can now be avoided with a waterproof Dry Pro PICC Protector and is highly recommended by PICC Line Nursing and Ithaca Sports.

Infection from wet dressings, the leading complication when PICC lines are used in the home to administer medication, can now be greatly reduced. The most common infection source is from water getting under the dressing when bathing at home. PICC Line Nursing and Ithaca Sports support using the waterproof Dry Pro PICC Protector to prevent this. This device is specifically designed to cover the PICC line to prevent water from coming into contact with the dressing and this directly decreases infection risk.

PICC lines are Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters and are a special type of IV. Doctors order these IV lines for patients needing long term intravenous access for a variety of reasons, such as antibiotics therapy. One major benefit of them is that patients do not have to stay in hospitals for their treatment and can return home and work allowing for a more normal lifestyle.

However, it is essential that patients keep the dressing dry while bathing or showering. Studies indicate that wet dressings are the most common source of infection for patients at home with PICC lines. Water under the dressing, combined with body heat, provides a perfect setting for bacteria to grow leading to infection. As most people have PICC lines to treat infection, adding a second could be very hazardest leading to additional hospitalization and extended treatment of intravenous antibiotics.

Health care professionals, such as PICC Line Nursing, stress the importance of maintaining a clean and dry dressing which covers the insertion site of the PICC line to their patients, as well as the consequences when it gets moist or wet. Home health nurses are very creative in their attempts to cover the PICC dressings to allow their patients to bathe and shower freely. But it often doesn't work! The Dry Pro PICC Protector is a solution to this problem and PICC Line Nursing and Ithaca Sports are proud to support its use. It provides a water tight seal that not only allows patients to bathe but also swim and participate in water sports when that wasn't an option previously.

The Dry Pro PICC Protector was created by Dr. Roy Archambault DPM. Once the protector sleeve is placed over the PICC Line, a unique vacuum design seals the ends creating waterproof protection. The PICC Line dressing remains dry even during bathing, showering and swimming. The Dry Pro PICC Protector is individually sized and trimmed to fit the arm providing a perfect fit. For more information and to purchase your PICC Protector visit http://www.picclinenursing.com

About PICC Line Nursing:
Vascular Access Management specializes in all aspects of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters in and around Orange County, New York. Expertise includes PICC Line nursing programs, Insertion, education and consulting. For services, information concerning PICC lines or to purchase a Dry Pro Protector, visit their website at http://PICClinenursing.com.


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