Get In Touch With Your Emotions Through Poetic Cognitive Behavior Therapy Handbook

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Are you stuck in a state of fear, anger, or loneliness? Author Celia Rabberg can get you unstuck. With poetic examples, Rabberg teaches how to identify your feelings, verbalize them, and transition to a better happier you.

Anyone who has ever had a bad day, felt frustrated, or longed to be happier--yes everyone--will benefit from reading "Do You Get the Feeling?: A handbook to facilitate emotional awareness and communication 150 ways to express yourself" (ISBN 9781425987794, Authorhouse, 2007).

"Do You Get the Feeling?" is a versatile book for the reader who realizes emotions change from day to day. Because our culture teaches us to suppress feelings, when we try to express how we feel, we are often unable to find the right words. Now an answer has been found. Celia Rabberg's new book will help you get in touch with your emotions and show you how to communicate better with others.

The book's 150 poems, covering 32 different emotional groups, provide an exciting array of feelings to choose from. Any individual can use this book to better understand his and his loved ones' emotions. "Do You Get the Feeling?" is also helpful for therapists who need a tool to teach clients how to express themselves. The poems allow people to find the description of the emotion that matches just how they feel, and once they identify the feeling, they can work to improve it.

Rabberg spent years researching and dissecting emotions so they could be better understood. She states "negative feelings such as anger, self-rejection, fear and depression get confused and all tangled up as one. It's in those moments that this book breaks down the emotion for you. It helps you unmask the root of your feelings and understand where all the sadness or anger is coming from. That is really emancipating to people. It is also an amazing way to change your feelings and visualize a hopeful future."

Rabberg's fellow therapists agree. Barbara Chalom, LCSW, says, "I love the book. It has a page for everyone. Especially for my patients who are highly resistant to treatment, the book was a terrific segues into the client's deepest thoughts and feelings. It helped them connect with themselves in a non-threatening approach." The book is effective for parents, children, adolescents, groups, couples, and students. "Do You Get the Feeling?" will put us in touch with our feelings and ultimately teach us to live the fullest lives possible.

About the Author
Celia Rabberg, a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), resides in Brooklyn, NY. She works as a psychotherapist in clinical and private practice, and she has taught in undergraduate psychology programs and high schools. Rabberg spends her free time working with art and music as ancillary mediums of self-expression. "Do You Get The Feeling?" is the first of Rabberg's literary tools for the mental health practitioner and educator.

"Do You Get the Feeling?: A handbook to facilitate emotional awareness and communication 150 ways to express yourself" (ISBN 9781425987794, Authorhouse, 2007) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.


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