Psychotherapy Clients Can Now Go to Therapy in the Comfort of Their Homes or Offices

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A therapist based in Covington, LA, is beginning to reach those interested in therapy in a new way- in-home or in-office therapy.

Andre Cuartas, Ph.D., owner of Northshore Counseling and Wellness based in Covington, has added this service to her psychotherapy practice after observing that there are several reasons that people might benefit from a service such as this.

First, although people are much more open to acknowledging that they attend therapy, there are a number of people who don't want to be "seen" going to the therapist's office. "I know clients who don't want to be seen coming to or going from my office for fear of being recognized by others, either neighbors or friends. Some people who have high visibility, for political or other reasons, don't always want to be seen going to therapy either," said Dr. Cuartas. She says that such clients often feel much more comfortable with the idea of the therapist seeing them and their families in the privacy of their homes or offices.

Another group of people who would benefit from these services includes those who don't think they have the time in their busy days to drive to the therapist's office and have a session there. "It can be easy for people to put off going to therapy because their days are so busy, whether this is a valid reason or not" she noted. This might apply to the stay-at-home mom who can't get out of the house and can't get a babysitter as well as to the busy professional who has many demands on his/her time. "This service can cut down on the time constraints by cutting out the drive time and the trouble of making arrangements to leave the house or office," she said.

Some clients suffer from conditions that make them too fearful to leave to the house, such as agoraphobia (fear of being in public places) and the fear of driving. "This group of people would definitely benefit from therapy, but they often can't leave the house because of their fears. Ironically, they need to get therapy to address their fears," said Dr. Cuartas. So having a therapist come to them can help them overcome their issues- this might not happen if they don't get therapy.

But one of the biggest reasons that this service is valuable, according to Dr. Cuartas, is the ability to provide "in-vivo" therapy. Many times clients go to therapy to address issues that they are having in aspects of their lives such as parenting, relationships, and anxiety. Clients can benefit more from having the therapist present in the home to observe how the problem situations are actually playing out. "The therapist can directly intervene in the moment and provide interventions and treatments as the situations are happening, which is invaluable. This is a tool that allows us to have many intervention strategies that we don't have in the traditional office setting," she said.

In-home or in-office therapy is provided by Dr. Cuartas and her staff of therapists to potential clients on the Northshore and Southshore.

Dr. Andre Cuartas has been working as a psychotherapist for 8 years, and she has been in her own practice, Northshore Counseling and Wellness, for the past two-and-a-half years. All therapists working for Northshore Counseling and Wellness are licensed by the state board of Professional Counselors.

Any persons interested in these or other therapy services can view her website,, or email her at andre(at)


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