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The saying holds true for dogs: they are what they eat! Not all dog food is made equal, so be wary of what's going into the dog food bowl.

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Ever heard how dog owners often look like their pooches? It's true. Man often resembles his best friend or vise versa. Whether it's that shaggy hair, big eyes or similar facial structure, both the physical and emotional connection between owner and your dog is real in more ways than one.

Besides a striking resemblance to appearance, man and dog also face many of the same health concerns. Those include heart disease, cancer, arthritis and common aging aches and pains. The elevation in health related risks to both man and dog are for many of the same reasons: poor diet, low vitamin intake and lack of proper exercise.

The key difference between dog owner and their best friend is the owner can control his or her diet, vitamin intake and exercise properly on their own; however, a pooch relies completely on itself. That means their lively-hood relies on their owner. Taking proper care of a dog from puppy, to adult, through the senior stage will keep them fit, healthy and active for life.

Overly processed, cooked and generic foods often don't hold the required nutrients a dog needs for a healthy lifestyle. Imagine a person only ate pizza for every meal, they would surely not be at their peak of health; well, the same can be said for a dog. That same dry dog food day in and day out will not supply them with their entire daily needed intake.

A great solution to make up for those lost vitamins is supplements. Dog supplements are a great way to infuse the right amount of the needed vitamins and minerals into their diet. Today's dog supplements provide the benefits of multivitamins and supplements that will help dogs in all stages of life, including greatly benefiting dogs at advanced ages.

Wary of dog vitamins? The dog supplement business has continued to gain a reliable reputation in the dog community because of its positive effects. Vitamin dog supplement supply companies are growing thanks to the results pet owners are seeing from such supplements.

The right vitamins can boost their overall health, strengthen teeth and bones, maintain healthy eyes, keep their digestive track in order and relieve the stress of arthritis and aging.

Just as a person would eat healthy, exercise regularly and take their daily vitamin, so too should their four-legged friends. Supplements like Dinovite All-Natural Dog Supplements help ensure a healthy quality of life a person would only ever imagine for himself or herself. Why would a dog owner expect anything less for their dog's future?

About K9 Health Solutions:
K-9 Health Solutions is a registered wholesaler of Dinovite nutritional dog supplements. Dog supplements, full of essential dog vitamins and nutrients, when combined with dog food helps relieve and prevent health problems common to many dogs. To keep a pet healthy, happy and active, shop with a trusted site and brand, K-9 Health Solutions and Dinovite.


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