International Family Magazine Celebrates Fathers, Grandfathers and Sons Around the World in June, 2008

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June, 2008 celebrates "Fathers, Grandfathers and Sons" at International Family Magazine. This special month of June highlights the stories of the men of the family. IFmag has brought to their pages three generations of storytellers and their visions that intersect rather than stand apart. Fathers and sons, sons as fathers, fathers of fathers; and the common thread in all. International Family Magazine also delivers Latin America in their 2008 World Tour - the beauty, the colors, the music, the food, the people - Fantastico!

International Family Magazine celebrates the storytelling of Dads in June 2008. Having vowed to be a different kind of family magazine that not only caters to moms and kids, International Family Magazine delivers the men this summer. Filled with stories by fathers, grandfathers and sons, IFmag shares three generations of editorial treasures for the male side of the family.

Catherine Wayland, Founder and Editor of International Family Magazine had originally left a women's beauty magazine as a columnist to start yet another "Mom" magazine. Luckily she paused and did her research. The magazine stands and Internet pathways were filled with Moms, Moms and more Moms. And being a Mom, Catherine was thrilled. But launching another Mom magazine seemed unoriginal.

What if Moms and Dads shared a magazine? What if Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Kids, and Extended Family shared a magazine? And what if this magazine not only catered to the melting pot of the United States but also catered to the world of families? Big idea. Big World, Big Magazine. You need to click online to see just how BIG.

The June issue of International Family Magazine features a sequel of stories from May to June with its interviews of Roz and Craig Williams, Producers, Red Wall Productions, NYC. The June interview of Craig follows International Family Magazine's May issue on Mothers, Grandmothers, and Daughters and an interview of Craig's wife, Roz Wiilliams. "Doing a series on a mother, a father and their family life together in separate interviews is just the kind of thing that intrigues our IF readers," said Catherine Wayland, Editor. "We are giving both perspectives of family life from the different genders rather than just hearing from how Mom feels. If we are ever to fuse the family back together and shift out of a very fractured model of family, we have got to open up the dialogue."

Roz Williams in her May piece in International Family Magazine said, "I don't like it when people expect Moms to do all the childcare, nor do I like it when Dads are made fun of for playing the role of hands-on parent or not being the ultimate big breadwinner." Craig Williams in his June piece follows with the same line of thinking and praises the opportunity in the current U.S. economic model for men to be active fathers. Sharing his views that the paternal role of business life with long work tenures and company pensions are a thing of the past, Craig likes the new model of autonomy, entrepreneurship and the new "fatherhood".

June also kicks off the World Tour Stop in Latin America. International Family Magazine is an affiliate partner of the Hot Moms Club in Los Angeles and shares their Latin and multi-lingual vision. IF mag takes the time to highlight the work being done with their partners at Hot Moms Club and Hot Moms Espanol. Dayannara Torres, actress, model and celebrity mom brings her rich Latin heritage to the mainstream pathways of Hot Moms Club and the melting pot of America's mothers. IF mag celebrates the success of Hot Moms at their mainstream integration of cultures and languages into their social networking program.

International Family Magazine stirs the thinking pot, and warms the heart as well. The magazine brings onboard a new writer in June found in Bruce DeFrees, Jr. Bruce's story of his two walks with his Dad is so succinctly visual, the reader feels the fall breezes lift and smells the dust on the road. It is a moving piece on teenage life lessons, midlife reflections and burying a parent.

As readers to Bruce's story, we are given a peek into the momentary glance of any relationship. Like life, experience is filled with its own mortality. Once lived, it is over. There is a cautionary post note to Bruce's story to cherish our parents for the little time we have with them. Something like the cliché of raising children in reverse - be careful, blink and it is over. And no, your parents don't leave to go off to college, they die. It is a very final goodbye we make to our parents.

International Family Magazine found Kent Converse on a travel blog and in Vietnam and has been charmed ever since. A Vietnam War Veteran who is also a Rotarian, Kent found himself in Vietnam doing Library projects and on the pages of IFmag telling his stories. And what stories he weaves. Kent takes the reader in IFmag's June issue to Kansas to his Grandfather's farm that he calls a "Grandkids Paradise". The raising of watermelons and the events of small town rural life will charm everyone.

Cheryl Paley has been developing her "New Global Family" stories in her monthly column at International Family Magazine. Paley left a serious relationship devoid of children to become a single parent. She chose motherhood over marriage and commitment and has never looked back. But the life she lives now with an adopted daughter from Guatemala is new ground for her and many of her friends. Cheryl writes about it to share with other similar families.

Cheryl has brought a profound perspective to the new global family and her readers eat up every column like a last meal. In the June issue, Cheryl poses the question, "Why did my choice to be a Mom take me out of the dating game?" And more poignantly, "Why are there no fathers for Zoe, my daughter." Cheryl wonders this questions aloud and makes us all think about the cultural stereotypes of a single parent and the dating taboos that surround this person and makes us feel a little guilty for running in the opposite direction.

International Family Magazine welcomes readers to participate in both sides of the story, moms and dads. The fracturing of families with divorce, elders in nursing homes and the nuclearizing that have now evolved into simply parent and child alone without support - is a crisis of sorts. Or the ultimate freedom. Go online and decide for yourself. But read, read, read. This is a different family magazine and worth the argument with yourself or your friends and family. Or maybe you just miss hearing stories. The alternative to television - International Family Magazine.


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