Husband and Wife Who Will Be 90 Years Old Get Dental Implants

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For those who have dentures that fly out, pop up, who can't even eat a piece of lettuce the news of dental implants is new news. Very few denture sufferers know that there is hope and help with dental implants.

to the epidemic digestive and stomach problems older adults experience as they age and don't have workable teeth.

Dr. Jonathan J. Bromboz, leading implant dentist, was excited for his latest dental implant patients. They are both nearing their 90th birthdays. She was sick and tired of her teeth the way they were and he said, "well if you are getting them fixed so will I!"

"Some denture sufferers, Dr. Bromboz states, "have no idea that there is a solution to their problem of loose dentures that pop up or fly out when talking or eating. These people cannot eat the foods others eat. It is difficult, near impossible, for them to even eat a piece of lettuce. Most denture sufferers only wear their dentures out in public, for appearance sake. They cannot eat with them. They have tried pounds of denture adhesives, and creams and pastes, to no avail. Every year they wear the dentures, the supporting bone disappears more and more, leaving little or no support for the denture. Dental implants can stop the bone loss and stabilize the teeth so they can chew.

Dr. Bromboz says he is so happy to be able to provide a workable solution for these patient, especially when they are older, so they can have quality of life. "We should be shouting it from the rooftops so that these suffering people can get help. Putting dental implants into the gums to support the dentures so they don't move is a breakthrough equal to the wheel. Imagine these people being able to eat again. Their digestive problems disappearing, their health improving and their enjoyment of life increased 100-fold. Digestive problems can occur simply by lack of fiber (like carrots, and the hard- to-chew foods). Well, a denture wearer may not be able to eat these vital foods."

"This could be the solution", Dr Bromboz states, "to the epidemic digestive and stomach problems older adults experience as they age and don't have workable teeth."

Recent patients of his have written:

"(Dr. Bromboz) wisely prescribed me 7 implants. That was the best thing I've done with my mouth in my entire life.! I now can eat steak, apples and pears, (and) have a perfect bite. Even my digestive system changed because I chew well." E.J.

"I wanted to pass this information on to you, in case other people might have doubts about (dental) implants. I have had mine about a year and am very satisfied with them. I can now eat foods that I was unable to eat before - such as apples, corn on the cob, chewy candies, nuts, etc. I'm glad I chose to go the 'implant' way." MM.

The process is quite simple. Dental implants can be inserted in an appointment at the dental office. Loved ones, no matter what age, can get healthy and enjoy their food once again.


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