PDF Annotator 2 Facilitates Adding Comments to PDF documents: Now With Page Manager, Stamps and Toolbox

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How's this for creativity: PDF Annotator can open PDF documents for markup with electronic ink - turning the revision of an existing document into child's play. Version 2.0 makes the process even more efficient, with new functionality including a Page Manager, a completely customizable Toolbox, Stamps, a Bookmark Manager, and a facility for straightening out handwritten lines.

More and more enterprises and creative teams are using PDF Annotator to pass a file from one person to another and gather comments. At the end, all observations and corrections are incorporated into the original. The result is a final version on which everyone has had a chance to comment and contribute - whether it be a manual, a small newspaper, or a company profile.

PDF files are a great invention. Documents written and formatted on any personal computer can easily be exchanged between users - no matter how they were created, or what operating system the author or reader are using. PDF documents can be opened, viewed and printed. Unfortunately, they cannot be edited.

Or can they? This is where PDF Annotator 2 saves the day. The software lends itself to creating, commenting or revising PDF documents of any kind. In short, PDF Annotator makes it possible to work with a single copy of a text as one would if no computer were available: multiple users can highlight passages with a marker, circle individual words, add handwritten or keyed comments next to existing text, or draw a quick sketch to show how a graphic could be improved. At last, even readers of digital books can add remarks directly on the page. All these annotations can be easily be made on a Tablet PC or graphics tablet, or even with a mouse and keyboard on a regular desktop PC.

A key point is that all comments are saved directly in the original PDF file. Oliver Grahl of GRAHL software design puts it this way: "More and more enterprises and creative teams are using PDF Annotator to pass a file from one person to another and gather comments. At the end, all observations and corrections are incorporated into the original. The result is a final version on which everyone has had a chance to comment and contribute - whether it be a manual, a small newspaper, or a company profile."

PDF Annotator 2: Now with virtual stamps!
Version 2 of PDF Annotator is now available immediately. The software has been extensively optimized and enhanced. Some of the principal new features are:

  • Page Manager: the Page Manager, prominently displayed in the new sidebar, contains thumbnails of all pages in the PDF document. These thumbnails can be used to move, copy or rotate pages - even several pages at once. It is now easy to insert new documents into an existing PDF file, as all of PDF Annotator's tools can be applied to the new file's pages, as well. Page Manager maintains a history of previously visited pages, and can automatically find the next page in the document with annotations.
  • Toolbox: The new Toolbox makes it simple to select the most appropriate tool for the task at hand. This could be a pen, marker, text tool, or stamp. The contents of the Toolbox can be arranged to the user's liking, and the most commonly used tools made quickly accessible through a favorites collection on its own tab. The Toolbox's flexibility gives each individual a quick and easy way to increase productivity.
  • Stamps: The Stamps tab on the sidebar makes it easy to apply designated images to a PDF page, even many times in succession, just as with a rubber stamp. Almost any image file can be used as a stamp. Certain common symbols like check marks and arrows are delivered as part of the software. Just by using the green check mark and the red X, a checklist can be set up in record time. Bold arrows can alert a reader to changes that might otherwise not be immediately apparent. New stamps can be made out of any of a user's image files, or from user-specified text.
  • Bookmark Manager: The new Bookmark Manager lets users create, modify and delete bookmarks in a document. Bookmarks can then be accessed from their own sidebar tab. Another helpful innovation is PDF Annotator's ability to remember which page was open when a document was closed and to automatically return to it the next time that the document is opened.
  • Auto-Smooth: To give the finished document, with all of its changes and comments, a professional appearance, Auto-Smooth can be turned on wherever needed. It straightens any manually drawn line or marker stroke, and even makes drawings look more professional.

Version 2 also sports improvements to the full-screen mode and text search functions, and now permits a continuous view of the entire document. The menus and toolbars have likewise been optimized and given a new look and feel. When composing text, users can now choose from among different background colors and borders. A new super-fast rendering engine optimizes clarity and readability, even when small fonts are used.

PDF Annotator 2: Free 30-day trial available
PDF Annotator 2 (10.5 MB) is available for Windows XP, 2000 and Vista, and for Tablet PCs as well. A free 30-day trial can be downloaded from http://www.grahl-software.com. Retail price is USD 69.95. Special terms are available for students, schools and universities. Significant discounts also apply to multiple-use licenses.

For more information, contact GRAHL software design, Seligenthaler Str. 54, 84034 Landshut, Germany.
Product information: http://www.PDFAnnotator.com
Company information: http://www.GRAHL-software.com Phone: +49 871 9665813 Fax: +49 871 9665818.

Evaluation Copy Available on Request

About GRAHL software design:
Since 1996, GRAHL software design has been developing and marketing Windows productivity tools for business and home users. In addition to PDF Annotator, the company also offers SnippetCenter, an information manager that archives PDFs, text documents, files, code snippets, Internet addresses, comments and notes.


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