'Talking the Walk,' The Grassroots Language of Feminism by Marilyn Casselman

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New Book Challenges Sexism at the Grassroots.

Millions were outraged by the blatant sexism that confronted Hillary Clinton's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. But the uprising is already on the wane, according to author Marilyn Casselman. "Sexism and misogyny are powerful forces," she says. "They don't vanish because of a brief political drama. The pressure to combat them must be permanent and backed up with the language and ideas which expose them. This is the purpose of feminism. It is essential knowledge and must be made available to all people if we are ever going to overcome this scourge."

In her new book, TALKING THE WALK, The Grassroots Language of Feminism (Freeborn Publishing, May 2008, Paperback $21.95), Casselman makes this possible. Feminism is presented as a category of knowledge - a unique framework of principles, history, facts, and ideas combined with the story of how and why we do what we do. And it already exists - to be built upon, not reinvented every generation. "Feminism tells you about subordination and what has to happen to escape it." In her book, she discusses the whole thing - from what it is, to the why of it; to what we can create in the future and how.

  • Speaking of the Theme sets forth the nuts and bolts of the topic; the power of language and problems of establishing women's narrative in the culture; and the cyclical nature of feminism and how it affects us - at the top, at the grassroots level and everywhere in between.
  • The Big Picture puts feminism into the context of where we live - the patriarchy - and what we struggle against. The basic elements are described: systems, culture, religion, gender strategy, the ubiquity of the male voice, power realities; and forming an identity in these conditions.
  • The Better Idea is the recovery and development of women's knowledge and passing that wisdom on into the world. And the message of TALKING THE WALK is taking a stand: those who reap the benefits of women's struggles should know how they got these pay-offs and why they weren't there before. It also means defending women's rights when they are attacked, which is happening every day. "To talk about feminism is to speak against the fear women have of expressing their own power."
  • Creating Our Own Cultural Narrative looks at how story shapes our minds and lives and why we must speak up about the truth of women's reality so that it becomes an inextricable part of the common cultural heritage. "When this happens," says the author, "then we'll know what equality is really about."

TALKING THE WALK is a road map for reaching this goal. Anything vexing the average woman about her place in life is likely to find it discussed within these pages.

TALKING THE WALK, The Grassroots Language of Feminism
By Marilyn Casselman
May 2008; Paperback $21.95; Download $11.95
ISBN 978-0-6151-9409-7
Freeborn Publishing

For additional information contact http://www.freebornpublishing.com.

About the Author
Marilyn Casselman, is a writer, director and speaker with a background in entertainment, marketing, management and organization. She lives in New York and Montreal.



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