When You Need to Conceal It; Almost All States Now Have Adopted Some Form of Concealed Carry Laws Regarding Civilians, Says CEO of CKA Specialty Sales Clifford Ambroz

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The most daunting question to the licensed citizen is what are the best ways to carry their weapon in a manner that is not noticeable to the general public as most individuals have not had training or guidance in this area.

We offer a solution to most concealed carry situations as well as other product lines to fulfill your firearm needs

Now with the milestone decision by the Supreme Court of the United States to allow the citizens of Washington DC to carry concealed weapons, if properly licensed, says to the rest of the country they understand that we the law abiding citizens who can legally carry a concealed weapon are not the cause of the crime rates in our country.

With the on slot of hand gun holsters for concealment in today's market most concealed hand gun license holders and law enforcement officers working under cover, carrying a backup weapon or when off duty and needing to carrying their weapon in a comfortable and well concealed manner are baffled by the selections and end up spending hundreds of dollars on holsters that end up in a dresser drawer or on a closet shelf. There is not one holster that will serve all situations 100% of the time.

CKA SPECIALTY SALES CEO, Clifford Ambroz believes that "The product our company represents can fill these needs most of the time." (Our web site http://www.ckaspecialtysales.com will not only further explain the product but will also give you a visual).

He continues "Concealment holsters are designed based on safely carrying a specific handgun. It must conform to its unique shape, size and weight. This creates a small problem in the fact that people also come in all shapes and sizes. Finding the best holster for any one weapon can be a trying and expensive endeavor. If you have several weapons on your concealed carry list it can become a very expensive nightmare."

"The most commonly used holster for concealed carry is the waistband type. Small-framed people have an easier time with waistband holsters than muscular or large framed people. This type of holster creates bulk, is sometimes uncomfortable and not easy to access when sitting and or driving. Another alternative is the shoulder holster, which works better for most frame types, but again it creates bulk under shirts and jackets. Also if the holster is not tied down to a belt or waistband it is sometimes difficult to free the weapon quickly one handed. Ankle type holsters create the problem of always having to wear long pants and if the cuff is a little snug it is not conducive to quick acquisition".

"The whole idea of concealment is to be able to have the weapon of your choice, on your person, undetectable, easily accessible and relatively comfortable. You should be able to holster your weapon and not have to remove it unless needed or when you return to a location where you un-holster it for the day. The product we represent does this and more."

"Designed by an under cover officer our concealment holster will accommodate any handgun size from a J framed revolver to a full size 1911. Not only will it holster countless semi autos it will also accommodate up to three double stack magazines. For undercover purposes the magazine pockets will also accommodate a flashlight and or a folding knife with a pocket clip."

Please visit us on our web site http://www.ckaspecialtysales.com or come see us in person at local Texas gun shows in Dallas, Fort Worth, Longview and Tyler Areas and see for yourself. "We offer a solution to most concealed carry situations as well as other product lines to fulfill your firearm needs". CEO, Clifford Ambroz CKA SPECIALTY SALES


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