WALL-E Agrees: There's a "Killer at Large," Note Independent Filmmakers

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As marketers push unhealthful foods on children and government policy makes it the only affordable way to feed a family, researchers behind a new documentary tell us the obesity depicted in "WALL-E" is all too possible

The future for human kind you see in 'WALL-E' isn't going to be science fiction for very long and 'Killer at Large' explains why

The new Disney/Pixar film "WALL-E" is number one at the box office, while making light of the number-one health problem facing Americans today - obesity.

In "WALL-E" Writer/Director Andrew Stanton depicts a world in the future where La-Z-Boy might likely be the only furniture maker and the people are 100% sedentary. Everything is done for them and brought to them through advances in technology. They are all horribly obese and unable to even stand up. The only marketing is food marketing. It's a scene that would make most people want to get up and run around the theater, and the rest dismiss it as just a cartoon. But, as the producers of a recent documentary on obesity show us, that world may not be too far off.

Filmmaker Steven Greenstreet set out to show the world the real story behind obesity. What he and his Shinebox Media Productions crew did with the now-award winning "Killer at Large," was create a warning about a real-life epidemic. "The future for human kind you see in 'WALL-E' isn't going to be science fiction for very long and 'Killer at Large' explains why," said Greenstreet.

"The end of humanity that we see in 'WALL-E' really is the result of the environment we're living in now," added "Killer at Large" Producer Bryan Young. "We're programmed to put on weight in our culture and our film deconstructs a lot of it and details some of the changes we need to make to prevent that from happening. And make no mistake, it is happening."

While the issue of obesity has simmered to the forefront of the mainstream media's attention, "Killer at Large" moves far beyond individual struggles and extreme diets to deeply dissect this epic struggle. With many experts in the field of childhood obesity declaring this may be the first generation of children to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents, "Killer at Large" provides a sobering perspective on the most pressing health issue of our time. It also serves as a call to arms for concerned parents, school districts, employers, and entire communities who have empowered themselves to take a stand and reverse this deadly trend - which is poised to cripple our nation's health care system and bankrupt our economy within the next 20 years.

"Killer at Large" features interviews and footage of notable experts and celebrities speaking on the topic of the American obesity epidemic including Former President Bill Clinton, Former Surgeon General Richard Carmona, Ralph Nader, Dr. Kelly Brownell, Dr. Marion Nestle, and bestselling authors Michael Pollan and Chef Ann Cooper, among many others.

In the last two weeks, "Killer at Large" won three major awards from annual film festivals. "Killer at Large" took the Silver Medal Best Documentary Award at the prestigious International Filmmaker Festival in June in the UK and that same week earned the Best Political Documentary prize at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. This week, "Killer at Large" was awarded a showcase in August at the Indie Gathering International Film Festival. Movie Maker Magazine named the Cleveland, Ohio festival one of the top 25 film festivals of the season.

Screenings of "Killer at Large" are in the works throughout the nation. Go to http://www.KilleratLarge.com for details or to view a trailer of the film.

For details on the Indie Gathering International Film Festival, go to http://www.TheIndieGathering.com

Greenstreet, Young, Producer Elias Pate, and Executive Producer Dr. Shawn Talbott are available for interviews, media appearances, and other functions in relation to the Obesity epidemic and independent filmmaking.


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