Fabulous Flashcast! Praised for Exposing Online Casting Scam Site and Their Owner, Offers Advice to Avoid Scam Sites

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Fabulous Flashcast is taking one more step at exposing on line casting scams. This time it's Star Search Casting.com, Elite Casting Network.com and Hollywood Profiles.com, allegedly all one man operations, and apparently owned by Jonathan Parker of Ventura California.

Fabulous Flashcast, the number one entertainment service in the nation for babies for almost 21 years, has taken another step at shutting down numerous alleged on line casting scams, allegedly designed to trap actors and models into paying subscription fees under the guise they'll be receiving top acting and modeling job opportunities..."hot off the press".

The latest alleged scam exposed by Fabulous Flashcast is Star Search Casting, along with its several aliases noted above. "This company surfs the Internet basically copying and pasting any advertisements that have to do with the entertainment industry, and, without permission, is reposting them on it's own website, as a 'casting call' for a job", says C.Carranza, CEO of Fabulous Flashcast. "Their clients believe they're submitting on an actual casting call for a job, when that's the furthest from the truth, at least in our case"... adds Carranza.

Carranza's new faces department uncovered the Star Search Casting scam after they were receiving emails from clients of Star Search Casting inquiring about the "casting call" which was (and still is) being advertised on the Star Search Casting website.

Carranza immediately sent a cease and desist letter to Jonathan Parker, apparent owner of Star Search Casting. Carranza's letter was ignored. "That's where the fight began"... says Carranza. "We gave them the one time opportunity to remove the fraudulent casting information from their site, they simply will not comply...we are still today receiving submissions from clients of Star Search Casting...we feel bad for them, they were scammed and should demand a refund from Jonathan Parker"...adds Carranza.

In an apparent retaliation against being exposed, Star Search Casting has began a "smear" campaign against Carranza's company, via the Internet, posing as disgruntled clients making numerous false and defamatory comments and numerous websites, including, but not limited to, complaintsboards.com, Google Ad Words, and numerous others. "What happens, says Carranza, is a link is then created so when consumers search our trade name via the search engines, Yahoo!, Google, etc., these links appear......they are no doubt attempting to interfere with our business contracts...our attorney's will have a field day with this one". There are similar cases against Rip Off report.com (see United States District Court-Eastern District of New York, Case No.: CV-06-6590 for additional information on one of the cases pending).

Fabulous Flashcast has fought similar legal battles to this...and won. They apparently obtained a huge judgement against another "management company" years ago for similar misconduct. "We have been in business for almost 21 years and have no intention of standing by and taking this type of illegal conduct without a fight...we are prepared and will not be silenced"...Carranza states firmly.

"I guess this company and its owner are unaware of the legal ramifications of disseminating false statements about a business"....says Carranza, who is now contemplating legal action against Star Search Casting and others. "These types of on line casting site scams are all over now, due to the Internet...targeting mostly rural areas where people are very uninformed. Most legitimate casting directors or photographers need talent with a day or two notice, sometimes one day! An individual, say in Kansas, has almost no chance at all in getting called for a legitimate job casting in a major city...and I'm sure these individuals are not told this by these on line sites", adds Carranza.

It appears these on line casting sites are also not what Carranza calls "finder friendly". "These companies almost never have a legitimate business location...they list what appears to be an address, but is nothing more than a postal drop...and almost never provide contact information other than an email...says Carranza.... in the case of Star Search Casting, they are not even listed under the Secretary of State as a legitimate California corporation...I checked".

Carranza states that should be the first red flag when considering doing business with these on line casting sites. "You should meet with anyone you plan on working with face to face...period", says Carranza. He adds, "If they don't maintain a legitimate business location, ask yourself, how well are they really doing and if you encounter a problem, who can you complain to?"

Carranza told us that when his company places a new client with a State Licensed and Bonded Talent Agency, that talent agency will send the client to the two most widely used casting sites in the world, where most legitimate casting jobs appear. "Star Search Casting is not one of them", says Carranza.

If you would like to see if your child is qualified for the Fabulous Flashcast's one of a kind service, simply email them a nice snapshot of your cutie pie. You may also wish to visit their website at http://www.fabulousflashcast.com.


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