ArtPoly Sales Demonstrate Shift Towards Functional & Healthy Products

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Bestselling promotional products align with public's surging interest in health-conscious lifestyles.

Some of the excess of the past is being stripped away. We're seeing strong sales for products that provide a tangible benefit in all areas of life.

A leading promotional products and items company says that recent sales have demonstrated the public's shift from a consumer-centric lifestyle to a more health-based outlook.

ArtPoly Co., a national promotional-products customizer and seller with more than 30 years of experience, sees a noticeable change in the types of products that sell best over recent years. While late-20th-century sales tended to focus on items and products that were considered fun or quirky, current sales show that the most valued products are those that reflect an interest in promoting a healthier lifestyle.

"From organic foods to green power, the public consciousness has moved from a fun society to a healthy society," says Ruth Kay of ArtPoly Co. "Some of the excess of the past is being stripped away. We're seeing strong sales for products that provide a tangible benefit in all areas of life."

ArtPoly's inventory has evolved to accommodate this trend. One of ArtPoly's most popular catalog selections are embroidered sweatbands brandable with a name or company logo. Durable and absorbent, these sweatbands are particularly popular with bank and other businesses where customers enjoy a practical takeaway that can be used for jogging, tennis, and other exercise. Similarly, silicone bracelets are seeing a surge in use. Unlike metal bracelets, silicone bracelets come in multiple bright colors and do not contain any harsh chemicals that can be absorbed by the body.

"People really seem to enjoy the promotional or branded items that relate to something positive and healthy," says Kay. "For example, the branded silicone bracelets, made popular by Lance Armstrong's 'Live Strong' campaign, are used by teams, clubs, and even businesses to promote team spirit."

Ultimately, this shift into everyday functionality has been beneficial to the promotional-products industry. ArtPoly features customizable promotional products for giveaways at trade shows, seminars, and other types of public events. Customization includes printing logos on products and color-matching capabilities. If a product featuring a logo is used daily, such as an umbrella during the rainy season, the customer's branding will be showcased to a greater audience compared to a product that is taken and left in a drawer or on a shelf.

"Functionality has its benefits. It may not seem as fun, but it does prolong the longevity of a promotional product," says Yoel Katz, ArtPoly's marketing consultant. "Because ArtPoly's products are manufactured from high-quality durable materials, they can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. It's a smart branding strategy."

In addition to customizable sweatbands and silicone bracelets, ArtPoly offers a wide range of functional brandable products such as first-aid kits, umbrellas, and flashlights. ArtPoly's catalog is available now to view at

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