Controversial Author Bill Glynn Gets Down To Business with Neil Cavuto and Hugh Hewitt

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A Solution for The Deficit and Fledgling Economy, views on Google, Oil Prices, Congress, War, Politics and Religion strike a deep chord with Americans. If the US was a company we would be insolvent, bankrupt or worse and the lawmakers like a board or corporate management would be in jail

Solutions for the Most Important Issues Facing America

Bill you are definitely a smart guy and know what you are doing

Bill Glynn, controversial author of "Left on Red" ranked one of the top 15 innovators in the world takes on issues looming over America and the world economy. His appearances on Fox News Business Anchor Neil Cavuto's show and Hugh Hewitt's nationally syndicated Salem radio show add to a growing list of interviews that are rattling some cages.
Hugh Hewitt who was reporting live from Colorado engaged Glynn in topics not easily discussed at the dinner table; the Economy, War, Religion and most of all Politics. Neil Cavuto stuck to Google and a "Big Brother" scenario with Glynn on the other side of the debate.
The Hugh Hewitt show turned into an all out RANT from both high powered personalities. Glynn continued to promote solutions to the National Deficit and his views on politics, elections being nothing more than buying a brand and how did and why still do "Lawmakers" control the budget when the country has been driven right off a financial cliff. His views on Congress and the Economy were made very clear to Hugh Hewitt's 3 million listeners.
"If the US was a company we would be insolvent, bankrupt or worse and the lawmakers like a board or corporate management would be in jail". Bill Glynn
Hugh Hewitt points out "Bill has been in the heart of Dynamic Capitalism, the most ferocious system in the world that produces revolutionary ideas and must go crazy about oil prices and Congress's lack of ideas".
Neil Cavuto focused on Google as a "Big Brother" watching while Glynn politely stood ground on his views. In the end Cavuto says "Bill you are definitely a smart guy and know what you are doing".
Glynn has appeared on radio across the country and his base of support is growing substantially as authors, businessmen, venture capitalists and the influential grab hold of his ideas. The main themes Glynn has been trumpeting include:
1. 10% solution to pay off all US Debt immediately
2. The US Economy makes Enron look like Romper Room. If the US was a company it would be insolvent, bankrupt or worse and the politicians similar to a board of directors and management would be in Jail.
3. Commercializing Government (i.e. US Postal Services -- Virginia Department of Commerce)
4. Take away Special Interest's INTEREST: Budget Management and Oversight by the FED -- Limit Lawmaker's rein over our money and eliminate Pork, Fraud, Waste, Pet Projects and Special Interest
5. Commit a Class of Crime -- Lose Your Citizenship: Export Prison System to Greenland or Mexico and offenders of listed crimes lose citizenship. US saves billions
6. The American Oligarchy and the Permanent Social Underclass
Glynn's ideas for transforming American Society begin with paying off the deficit with one law that will require all pension plans, endowments and 401Ks etc. to allocate 10 percent of their portfolio of investments to buy back and own US Debt and Currency. Almost $7 trillion would be raised that Glynn proposes would be a deferred interest 10 year loan, guided by the nation's most talented business leaders like Jack Welch, Pete Peterson of Blackstone, Meg Whitman, Colin Powell among others and the Federal Reserve. $1 Trillion of the loan would be used to buy zero coupon bonds (a major influx of liquidity into the suffering debt markets) that mature in 10 years to pay back the loan. "The money was made in America, by Americans and is required to be invested anyway. Why not invest in our country's financial liberation" Glynn says. He believes this is our nation's biggest National Security Crisis given over $1 trillion of value was ripped from the American economy after 9/11.
Bill Glynn's book "Left on Red," (John Wiley & Sons) has broken the top 10 in the "Leadership" and "Entrepreneurship" categories and is in the top 15 management books being sold. (
About Bill Glynn
Bill Glynn, Author of Left on Red (Wiley), is a successful serial and parallel entrepreneur, philanthropist and visionary voted one of the world's top 15 innovators. Bill is an influential Entertainment Industry insider and the founder of Collective IQ the world's foremost Corporate Venture Capital platform. He has spent 20 years building and running a clandestine network of globally influential executives, deal makers and recognized personalities that lead industries from Hollywood and Music to technology and molecular science. He has a successful investment track record and has helped close over $1 billion for the funds and businesses he has founded, helped build and advised. Bill advises leaders of London's Royal Institution World Science Assembly and the East West Institute where he is focused on Harmonizing Humanity and The Weaponization of Science.
Bill Glynn helped build Southeast Interactive Tech Funds and was an early investor in How Stuff Works; Arsenal Digital, Opensite, Instant Messaging (IM) and Chat; Tom Clancy Red Storm Entertainment, HAHT Commerce, Interactive Magic, Wave Systems, Accipiter, he is the founder of Collective IQ, Money Grows on Trees, Horticultural Asset Management, Pearl Street Capital and works as a corporate venture and development advisor for Molson Coors, Xcel Energy, Fujitsu, Capgemini, Global Exchange, Wrigley, Teradata, Western Union, First Data, SAS, Alticor, Amway, Legendary Pictures, Provident Music, Landis Entertainment, CCLI, The Strategic Venture Association, The Gulf Venture Association, CXO Network, The Briner Institute, East West Institute, The Royal Institution in London among others.
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