Battling Rap Culture and Digital Sampling, The America's Hot Musician Finals Set to Air on Lifetime Real Women Saturday, July 12, 2008

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The America's Hot Musician Finals Airing on Lifetime Real Women is AYS's Effort to Promote Instrumental Music Within the Rap and Computerized MTV-Hip Hop Culture.

I look forward to a return of old when kids not only have heated discussions about who is the baddest rapper but what band has the the tightest horn section or funkiest drummer

America's Hot Musician, the American Idol--like reality competition for INSTRUMENTAL musicians, will air its voting finals on Saturday July 12, 2008 at 9:00am EST on Lifetime Real Women. The voting results show will air on Sunday, July 20, 2008 at 9:00am EST.

The show is the product of American Youth Symphony (AYS) whose mission is to promote instrumental music within the MTV-Hip Hop Generation to woo what it sees as an entire youth culture being brought up on a diet of non-melodious electronic sounds.

"Musician" is purposefully shot in the popular television format of shows such as FOX's American Idol and ABC's Dancing with the Stars to appeal to regular viewers as opposed to only music affectionatos.

"We believe non-PBS styled programming showcasing musicians is crucial because of where we are in our society with regard to the value placed on rapping, singing and electronic sampling," says AYS Executive Director Susan Veres.

Unlike past musical genres, such as of jazz and rock and roll which were each considered to be musical revolts by the youth, how music is produced, that is, with musical instruments, has never been an issue until now- with the development of digital sampling and electronic trickery.

"I had a kid tell me why should I spend eight hours a day practicing a trumpet when I can just get my producer to drop some horns and beats behind my rap and get paid. The very definition of what constitutes musical performance has morphed and what do you think that says for the eventual future of music like jazz, classical or even r&b and rock and country," says AYS Artistic Director, Gregory Charles Royal.

Viewers will vote for one of five finalists, who play various styles, to win a one year recording contract. AYS will partner the winner with popular styles of music so not shock or turn off the young listening public.

"I look forward to a return of old when kids not only have heated discussions about who is the baddest rapper but what band has the the tightest horn section or funkiest drummer," says Royal.

AYS, who will be seeking a permanent television network to begin its second season, is also developing plans to propose to Congress that rap be officially declared a spoken word or poetic art form because of the confusion caused to young children. Such a move would help thwart rappers from being labeled as musicians.

'Musician' has a diverse judging panel in National Symphony Orchestra violinist Marissa Regni, ex-Kittie bassist Talena Atfield, and Royal, a jazz trombonist who played with the Duke Ellington Orchestra for a decade. The show is hosted by Claire Dagress and BET featured comedian, Vic Christian.

The five finalists are Joe Lindner- one man band from Sioux Falls, South Dakota; jMan jR- keyboards from Los Angeles, California; Liesl Schoenberger- violin from Cape Girardieu, Missouri; Bobby McManus- acoustic guitar from Detroit, Michigan; and, Sean Meyers- electric bass from Sterling, Virginia.

America's Hot Musician, in addition to airing on Lifetime Real Women, will be webcast at and be available on iTunes and YouTube.

Viewers will vote by email as instructed in the show and polls will be open July 12th thru the 13th.


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