PAW Analytics Creates Completely Customizable & Automated Data Management Solutions

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Revolutionary Desktop Product Delivers What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Approach To Handling Data automating data analysis and management, and facilitate real-time data integration.

PAW Analytics is proud to present Processing and Analytics Workbench (PAW) - their solution to businesses' most expensive and time-consuming data management issues. PAW's unique approach to handling today's vast data conversion, migration, integration, mining, analysis, massaging, processing and reporting needs can streamline data management for everything from small businesses to large corporations.

PAW empowers professionals in many different industries to do maximum data processing with minimum effort. It can consolidate information from different sources and do repetitive data manipulation and aggregation with ease. PAW offers customizable ways to consolidate information so professionals can understand the data and make decisions more quickly.

With PAW, you can:

  • Create summary reports with drill-down capability
  • Combine information from multiple Excel files and department databases
  • Categorize information in your custom categories
  • Incorporate new data from daily/weekly/monthly reports

Currently, running a business can mean constantly jumping between applications like Excel, Access or other databases, text files, email, Visual Basic and shell scripts. Many rely on technical teams just to make sense of data. PAW is an all-in-one desktop tool that provides the powerful features required to solve your data massaging and processing needs quickly.

PAW sits between spreadsheets and custom developed applications, providing all of the desktop flexibility of spreadsheets while delivering the productivity and rich feature set of custom applications. It solves a whole set of needs in the current workday that don't fit well in current technology's toolbox. Spreadsheets are flexible and quick, but require reconciliation work and are hard to support. Custom applications are expensive to build and manage, justifiable only for stable business processes. PAW is both flexible and quick like a spreadsheet, while delivering productivity benefits from automation like a custom application.

A lot of data analysis and data manipulation can be automated, freeing up precious time and resources. With PAW, creating the automated process is as simple as processing data in the usual way. The tool captures these steps, creating repeatable business processes, and allows the user to re-run them, providing more time to manage the business.

As PAW creates whole sets of processing to meet a business' needs, it will have created something that others in the department can benefit from. PAW creates a wizard-like interface so colleagues can use it easily.

PAW is built to enable the knowledge workers of today to get the job done quicker, with fewer hand-offs and context switches. A variety of industries could benefit from PAW, including:

  • Online Marketing: PAW enables marketers to analyze the huge volume of data available to them in all its variations, providing results and making it easier to consolidate the results with the next campaign.
  • Project Management: A core part of project management is matching costs to the budget. PAW can help with cost management and invoice tracking. Since the tool provides for a lot of automation, the result is a business on top of their projects' finances with far less effort.
  • Sales Analysis and Commissions: For small and medium sized businesses that are looking beyond packaged software for understanding their sales data and turning it into action in terms of sales commissions, PAW can analyze sales figures in multiple ways and calculate sales commissions through various rules. Final results can then be loaded into a database for payouts and record keeping.

PAW's staff has held multiple positions in a variety of industries (marketing/advertising, financial services, consulting), just like their customers. With PAW, they've helped customers in all sorts of job roles get work done faster, spend less time on mundane data processing and stand out in the eyes of their colleagues and peers. PAW technology has no peers in the industry in terms of enabling end users to process and analyze data in a completely customized way.

About PAW Analytics:
PAW is the flagship service of PAW Analytics, LLC, a privately held company based in the heart of the silicon valley in California. Co-founded in 2007, the company is privately funded.

The PAW team is a young and dedicated group of individuals that are striving to build a tool that will make people's professional lives more manageable. The team proudly provides a peerless, industry-leading desktop tool that will make businesses more productive and leave less room for error by automating processes and transforming data - all in one tool. Try it FREE today and you, too, will see the benefits of this unique tool.


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