Move Over Energy Drinks - Something Tasty to Chew On Sumseeds®, New Caffeinated Sunflower Seeds, Energize Southern CA

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Sumseeds(R) Energized Sunflower Seeds are now launched into the Southern California market. Endorsed by Baseball Hall of Fame inductee Tony Gwynn, Sumseeds(R) are a delicious and efficient delivery vehicle for energy compounds, delivering the energy equivalent of two cans of typical energy drinks for about 1/4 the cost.

Our mission is to innovate and do it well

Bursting with innovation for the energy-infused food and beverage industry and just in time for the summer sports-enthusiasts, Dakota Valley Products, Inc. announced today the launch of Sumseeds® Energized Sunflower Seeds, fortified with caffeine and other energy boosters, into Southern California retail outlets. To make southern California a premiere retail market was a natural choice for the company since the Padres' Baseball Hall of Fame legend, Tony Gwynn, endorses the product for active consumers.

Sumseeds® are a very efficient delivery vehicle for energy compounds. A single serving bag has the equivalent energy (caffeine) found in two cans of the leading energy drinks, all for about ½ the cost of one can of an energy drink.

"Our mission is to innovate and do it well," said Dakota Valley Products President, Tim Walter. "We are excited to bring this nutritionally powerful product into an area where residents are active and in tune with energetic lifestyles," he said.

The makers of Sumseeds® start with the nutritional value of sunflower seeds which, per serving, boast seven grams of protein, two grams of fiber, ten percent of daily iron requirements and zero trans-fats. Then, using a patent-pending process that distributes the nutrients through the shell to encase the seeds, Sumseeds® are infused with:

  •     Caffeine- for instant and sustained energy,
  •     Taurine - to reduce muscle fatigue and aid in recuperation,
  •     Ginseng - which enhances vitality and
  •     Lysine - an amino acid necessary for building muscle protein. Lysine also combats any degenerative effects of salt on the lip tissue and is often used in healing cold sores.

A 1.75 ounce package of Sumseeds® delivers the equivalent amount of caffeine as a large-sized coffee or, almost twice that of the leading energy drinks, without the high sugar content, and for half the cost. Since Sumseeds® have only two grams of sugar
versus the 30 or so grams in a typical energy drink, and due to the nature of chewing manageable servings of sunflower seeds rather than guzzling a cold beverage, Sumseeds® consumers are likely to experience sustained energy and avoid the rush and crash spike of an energy beverage.

In addition to the original, natural flavor of sunflower seeds, Sumseeds® are also available in Dill Pickle, Honey BBQ and Salt and Pepper flavors. Dakota Valley Product's patent-pending, small-batch infusion process ensures high quality and consistent flavoring over continuous processes used by other manufacturers.

"Our team has extensive experience in improving the roasting process, so adding the flavor was a natural step," said Walter. "With all of our flavors, consumers get the same robust, consistent taste from shell to nut" he said.

The suggested retail price for the single-serve 1.75 ounce size of Sumseeds® is around $1.00, half the cost of an energy beverage, but can vary by store. Larger 3.5 oz. bags are available on


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