Permanently Cut Your Fuel Use by 10% or More

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Just one treatment of Microlon® increases your MPG for the life of your engine. Backed-up by a full 3-year warranty at

Doug Kelly's special passion for automobiles got him into the business of engine performance-enhancing products several years ago. Kelly's site,, sells Microlon®, an engine performance-enhancing product that is practically unknown because it has been a trade-secret known only to aircraft mechanics and the elite of the auto-racing world.

As fuel prices continue to soar, the need for saving fuel has become critical. Microlon® is one of the best answers to this crisis because it reduces operating friction. Engine friction is a major reason for poor fuel economy. Friction simply steals the power from your fuel and your engine's performance. Whether you drive a truck, tractor, sports car or a even a Hybrid vehicle--if use Bio-gas or diesel or hydrogen it makes no difference. Microlon® has been proven to be one of the most effective means of overcoming the simple physics of friction to substantially increase fuel savings.

Microlon® isn't your standard fuel or oil additive. It's not going to boost your octane. It makes no claims about secret fuel ingredients or super-lubricants. Instead, you simply get more power from your fuel by reducing the drag of friction in your engine. It has no Teflon® that wears out and burns off from normal engine temperatures, nor is it a molybdenum disulfide lubricant that must be continually replaced.

Very simply explained, Microlon® is a metal conditioner, a metal treatment technology that substantially reduces engine friction by the permanent embedding of its proprietary resin into the metal surfaces of an engine's moving parts. It does this so well that Frank Lindsey of MOOG Aerospace called Microlon® "the greatest advancement in metal technology since carbide tooling."

Kelly makes a big point that Microlon® is a one-time installation. It lasts the life of your engine and even extends its life by protecting it from wear. And at 10% off the regular factory price and free shipping in the US if purchased through, it may be the smartest investment you can make to save fuel-and protect your vehicle.

It is certified for use in both gasoline and diesel engines of all sizes and makes. It has been FAA-approved for more than 30 years for use in aircraft engines. Pilots of small planes and helicopters can fly farther on the same amount of fuel.

Kelly is very passionate about his product, and so are his customers. He says, "The performance and protection of the engine and drive-train is the subject of many of our hardest driving customers' testimonials--those who drive the Enduros at the Bonneville Salt Flats and other races." Since using Microlon®, many of our customers don't even carry a back-up engine with them anymore," Kelly says proudly.

Even if this product is currently in use by NASCAR® and Formula 1™ racing teams, you don't have to drive a high performance vehicle to reap the benefits of this product for extra power, as they do. In most cases a Microlon® treatment to any gasoline engine will increase your MPG by at least ten percent. In diesel engines it will increase the MPG even more.

Important to users on the west coast and in metro areas is that Microlon®'s friction reduction enables much less harmful exhaust emissions. You can pass emissions tests with a big safety margin by using Microlon®. EPA tests done several years ago (you can read it at Gas-Miser's website) clearly show how much emission reduction an engine can attain using Microlon. The EPA tests showed reductions of HC by 13%, CO by 34% and NOx by 8.4%. "Better engines have been developed since then," Kelly says. "So we've found emission reductions are even greater now."

According to studies performed by Caterpillar, Microlon® increases a diesel engine's life by up to 40%. "This means reduced maintenance costs from engine wear," Kelly says, "Many of my customers buy an engine treatment kit immediately upon purchasing a new car or truck. They are experienced users, past customers, who know that Microlon® will protect their engines and drive-trains."

Microlon® is not available in retail stores and is not advertised or well-known because it's been a virtual trade-secret among certain mechanics and industries. But this is also why it costs so much less than it would on the retail market. Even so, it is available from at a 10% discount off of factory prices. And Gas-Miser does not charge for shipping on orders in the US.

Kelly says business is good. "With every new user-customer, we are getting a tremendous number of referrals. And a funny thing happened along the way. Microlon® is so durable and versatile that wind farms find huge benefits by using it on their propeller shafts, differential gears and turbine generators. It helps make more electricity more efficiently. I think that is so cool."

Gas-Miser also sells to and services commercial fleets, and is engaged in public-private partnerships with governments in countries such as India, for fuel savings in public transportation and privately-owned freight transportation fleets. "The Far Eastern markets are blossoming and these countries are in need of finding ways to make fuel (consumption) and vehicle operation affordable for their citizens," Kelly explains, "And Microlon® is a natural in these emerging economies because it is so affordable for the average individual vehicle owner, too.


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