Horror 88 - A New Hollywood Movie Starring Veronica Diaz

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A circle of six 20-something year old friends gather around a campfire in the backyard of one of their parents' home and begin to tell strange occurrences and stories rumored from the past. At the end of the night everyone around the campfire has become a bit uneasy from all the scary storytelling, so they proceed to move the party inside the house. As they settle in the focus is centered on one of the girls, as the story she previously told comes back to haunt her that same night in a total unexpected way. Directed by Joaquin F. Palma, Starring Veronica Diaz.

The Horror 88 film started pre-production on April 23,2008 and is scheduled for release on October 31, 2008 via Goldmine Pictures.

Actress Veronica Diaz has announced today she is going to be co-starring in the new Hollywood thriller. Veronica will be playing 'Marie,' the wife of Frank, whos chronic infidelity has made Marie feel like a piece of artwork in their house. Her endless love and commitment to Frank keeps her on edge as she questions her own decisions and soon can't decide if she can handle the marriage or not.

Horror 88 is produced by Hassan Medina and directed by Joaquin F. Palma. Writing credits go to Joaquin F. Palma and Alexander Fitchett. Mystery Inc. Entertainment is using Goldmine Pictures for distribution. Read the story line below to get a first hand look at this new movie. (Source: IMDb.com)

A circle of six 20-something year old friends gather around a campfire in the backyard of one of their parents' home and begin to tell strange occurrences and stories rumored from the past. In the first story, two couples take a weekend trip to California City to camp in the desert. In the cover of darkness, the two guys plan to drive down to a secret research facility in the hope of capturing a glimpse of what goes on inside. When they arrive at their destination, the guys quickly pitch their tents and take off leaving their girlfriends behind at camp only to find that someone or something has escaped.

The second story involves three guys returning to Los Angeles after visiting a high school classmate who now lives in Arizona. While driving along on the highway, it's realized they're just few miles from an empty gas tank. They soon pass a billboard that reads FOOD GAS LODGING 2 MILES and take the exit. The exit turns into a dirt road leading to an abandoned old town. Hoping to find a gas station open, they cruise around the old town. Out of gas, the car rolls to a complete stop. Two of the guys decide to get out of the car in search of help while the one decides to remain behind in the car. This town appears abandoned as they begin to disappear, one by one.

The third story concerns a young newlywed couple driving home following again, she calls her husband's name, and again, receives no reply followed by another long silence. Suddenly she looks down to see a pair of heavy boots outside her stall facing her, and as she cries for her husband the stall door slams open and she is snatched out. She wakes up in a dark room restrained to a bed, manages to free herself and peak into the hallway of a hospital. Screams from behind closed doors are heard, while at the same time she witnesses a man pulling a body along the floor. She tries to hide by escaping to a room which turns out to be an operating room. Several men wearing white jackets stand over a body with its torso surgically cut open;the body is her husband. Running in terror, she attempts to escape.

The fourth story is about an unfaithful husband on what turns out to be the worst day of his life. Suspecting her husband is cheating on her, the wife confronts her husband and tells him she's leaving him. Stressed out, believing everything is going wrong in his life, he enrages a motorist at a liquor store lot by intentionally cutting him off to steal a parking space. Ignoring the outraged man, he walks away and ducks into the store...when he returns to his car, the man is gone.

On his lunch break, he drives to a local hotel to rendezvous with his mistress. After making use of the room he walks out to his car only to find that its driver's window is shattered, the glove box open, and the registration gone. Knowing a police report involving a seedy hotel parking lot would not go over well with his wife, he takes his car to an auto repair shop to get the window replaced. Arriving home late, he and the wife begin to argue, as he finally prevails in persuading her that he has not been unfaithful and is willing to work on their marriage. Reaching an understanding, they makeup and start to make love on the living room couch when, suddenly, the wife sees a man watching them from outside their window.

Everyone around the campfire has become a bit uneasy, and so they move the party into the house. As they settle in, the focus is centered on one of the girls, as the story she previously told comes back to haunt her in an unexpected ending written by Hassan Medina during their elopement in Las Vegas. The husband pulls off the highway and drives to a vacant rest stop, hops out and disappears into the mens restroom while his young wife waits in the car. She notices the parking lot is empty except for a van parked at the far end.

After a few moments, she gets out of the car to check on her husband. She calls his name, but receives no answer. Instead, there is dead silence. Thinking it's just like her husband to pull something like this, she goes into the Women's restroom. After sliding the latch inside the stall's door, she hears footsteps entering the restroom.

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