New University Study Shows E. Coli, Mold and High Amounts of Other Bacteria Growing in Electric Toothbrushes; In Some Cases, Over 100 Times More Bacteria than their Manual Counterparts

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An Arizona physician has responded to this study by releasing her product to the public. The Sonic Seal is a waterproof silicone cover for your electric toothbrush. It will keep it dry on the inside and eliminate those potentially dangerous microbes.

Simply rinse and go

A June study performed by the University of Arizona shows electric toothbrushes contain 100 times the amount of bacteria than their manual counterpart. The study also revealed mold and E. coli (the bacteria found in fecal material) growing out of control inside the replacement heads of electric toothbrushes. The highest count of bacteria was found in the Sonicare electric toothbrush, the brand that has sold millions and recommended by many dentists.

This report has an even more significant impact coming on the heels of other University studies reporting a relationship between gum disease and risk of heart attack. Researchers have identified the bacterial culprits of gum disease inside human artery clogging plaque, the first concrete evidence to place these pathogens at the heart of the circulatory crime scene. It may soon be possible to target the bacteria with antibiotics or vaccines and lower the risk of heart attack.

Identifying that the "gunk" in her Sonicare toothbrush leaks into her mouth when brushing, an Arizona pediatrician and microbiologist has invented a solution: The Sonic Seal. It's a waterproof, silicone cover that keeps the inside of your brush dry and eliminates that moist environment where microbes thrive. Dr. Sara Kertz says, "I have a Sonicare toothbrush and I love it. Over 90% of the people I have talked to have this issue, these electric toothbrushes require an added responsibility to keep them clean and people just don't do it. Expecting your children to keep these toothbrushes clean is unrealistic. I now supply The Sonic Seal to my patients for free and with their urging, they are currently offered to everyone. It may sound silly, but it has changed my brushing experience. I just rinse and go and don't have to worry about that bacteria any longer".

The Sonic Seal was introduced to the public this summer, not soon enough according to hundreds of their customers who have not returned one order. The Sonic Seal is available online, along with video of the University of Arizona report.


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