The Adventure Begins With The New Cutting Edge: Adventure Journey Travel Magazine

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Adventure Journey Travel Magazine Launches Their New Website. Finally a travel magazine that takes you up close and personal to exotic locales.

Travel magazines have been in abundance for many years, but most offer not more than attractive pictures and simple descriptions of exotic or foreign locales. But all that has changed, now that there is the newer, hipper on - line travel magazine Adventure Journey.

Adventure Journey will send writing teams on sets of incredible global journeys--and its readers will "follow along" as exciting video clips, podcasts, photo galleries, blogs, and full-length features are relayed back to the magazine's website in virtual real-time.
In comparison to traditional magazines, where readers are simply presented with a random smattering of features and departments, Adventure Journey invites its readers to be a daily part of the adventure.

Adventure Journey takes things to the next level. Its writers set out on sets of historic journeys (next year will see the launch of "From Ocean to Sky"--featuring six teams completely traversing six of the world's mightiest rivers over six months), on a scheduled date known and publicized to readers. Their journeys can be followed day-to-day on writers' blogs, complemented by photo galleries, weekly in-the-field podcasts, and regular video posts. The writers' route is charted on interactive maps, updated daily. And full-length feature articles are generated regularly. Indeed, the reader experiences the ups and downs, the thrills, wonder, exhaustion, disappointments, tears, fears, and exhilaration right alongside the writers themselves. All in virtual real-time.

Again, it's not just one journey at a time. Readers will be able to follow multiple trails--all united under a single theme--at once. They'll be able to compare and contrast vastly different adventures, side-by-side. In the case of "From Ocean to Sky," readers will be able to follow teams traveling upriver in the deep, dark jungles of the Amazon; between the highest peaks on the planet, in Tibet, India, and Bangladesh; within the greatest canyons anywhere, in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, California, and Mexico; in the frozen, Arctic wastelands of Alaska in winter; beneath the cloudless African skies of Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Angola; and along the castle-laden banks of southern Europe.

"From Ocean to Sky" will be followed by "Island Nation," which will attempt five complete coastline traverses and five complete country bisections of five island nations: Japan, Iceland, Cuba, New Zealand, and Madagascar. "Island Nation" will be followed in turn by "In Their Footsteps," during which five expeditions will set out to completely retrace five of the greatest adventures of all time: the voyages of James Cook, Ibn Battuta's journey, Amelia Earhart's round-the-world flight, Marco Polo's great trek, and the wanderings of the "New World" explorers.

With over one hundred other potential adventure journeys already on the drawing board, the possibilities for the future are endless--and the reader can literally follow right along. Original, gripping, high-quality content is generated and delivered to readers, virtually in real-time, using cutting-edge technology.

This cutting edge travel magazine will bring adventure travel writing up to speed with the latest in communications technology--all while attempting to make history time and time again through real-life global adventure!

About the Founder:
William Jackson
Editor and Creator, Adventure Journey

At 28, Jackson has already spent most of his life overseas, having lived at least two years on five continents, from Ethiopia to South Africa, from India to Australia, from Singapore to Poland. The author of the non-fiction book "The Tibet Gamble," his work on Tibet, Burma, and Ethiopia has been published in newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals. Before concentrating full-time on Adventure Journey, he worked as a South Asia analyst for the Department of Defense. Jackson has a degree in Asian Studies from Brigham Young University and speaks Hindi, Urdu, Tibetan, and Polish.


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