Real Estate's Top Performers Do the Right Things More Often

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Real Estate Marketing Innovator, Success Coach and Bestselling Author, Ray Wood reveals the 50 Top Success Ideas Used by Real Estate's Best.

Is it possible for a newcomer in real estate to become quickly successful and can you give me an example?

Ray Wood's Bestselling book (How To Sell Your Home For More) has sold more than 50,000 copies but that is just part of his enterprise. Ray is CEO of Bestagents, a marketing company for real estate teams and individuals. His unique system uses innovative tools, like his book, to bring real estate professionals and property sellers together. He believes Relationship Marketing is the key to real estate success. He also believes that many in real estate could quickly improve and more than double their income simply by doing the right things more often.

In a recent interview with business writer Martin Williams, Ray shared his ideas about real estate's top performers and how they are able to stay in the top 5 percent of the industry.

The following answer was in response to Martin's question: "Is it possible for a newcomer in real estate to become quickly successful and can you give me an example?" Here is Ray's answer:

"About six months ago, I started working with 2 real estate newcomers. I remember it clearly because they both had the same first and last name. And although they worked in real estate offices 1000 miles apart, it was the same brand. But that was where the similarities stopped.

I gave both rookies my getting started kit and asked them to study the 50 Free Success Ideas which are available as a download from my website.

I noticed almost instantly that one guy was eager to learn and had the discipline to stick to the right success actions that would let him hit the ground running. He asked all the right questions and when we set deadlines, goals and targets, he never missed a beat.

The second guy was enthusiastic but tried to 'second guess' almost every task and function we set. His Direct Mail Letters missed critical components, his telephone follow up was non-productive because he completely ignored our guidelines and tried to 'reinvented the wheel' at every opportunity.

So what happened? Some six months later, David is number two in his office averaging 6 listings and four sales month in month out while trhe other David is doing less than half that.

I believe there are only really two major breakthroughs to revolutionise the real estate industry. One is the telephone, the other is the internet. These tools are tailor made for real estate and make it easier for us to communicate. The rest is simply doing the right actions to produce predictable and consistent results".

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