Learning, Attention and Sensory Challenges? Children Hit The Track and Learn by Playing Games!

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Three new games hit the pavement this week to support children with learning, attention, and sensory challenges. Children across the globe have the summer to fish, yell out BINGO or spin their tires on the track. All for fun while learning about self-regulation.

This summer children across the globe are experiencing three new tools to help support their internal engines. ALERT: GO FISH!, ALERT BINGO, and KEEPING ON TRACK: Alert Program® Companion Board Game are the latest resources for the "How Does Your Engine Run?" ® Alert Program® for Self-Regulation.

Developed by world-renowned occupational therapists, Mary Sue Williams and Sherry Shellenberger, this new series of games are designed as a fun and interactive way to teach children how to change how alert they feel. For over 20 years, Williams and Shellenberger have been teaching children through the use of an engine analogy what to do if they get stuck in high gear (hyped up), in low gear (lethargic), or just right (alert and attentive.) These games are sure to be favorites among children and adults.

Parents, teachers, and therapists will find these games enhance self-esteem, improve self-monitoring skills, and help children to develop and reach their full potential. The games can be played with children who have special needs, along side siblings or classmates who are typically developing. All benefit from learning "we all have engines and all do things to change how alert we feel throughout our day." When playing these games with peers, those with special needs develop a sense of belonging, where otherwise they may feel left out or misunderstood if their "engines" frequently run in high or low gear.

The three just released games can be played in home, therapy clinics, or school settings. Each game builds on the child's ability to boost their knowledge about engine speeds (their body), tools and tune-ups needed to self-regulate.

ALERT: GO FISH! incorporates fun cartoon characters of people and animals to teach children how to identify their level of alertness.

ALERT BINGO expands on the basics learned in ALERT: GO FISH! to teach children the Alert Program's five ways to change their levels of self-regulation.

KEEPING ON TRACK brings children across the finish line of independent self-regulation. The game builds up self-esteem as children race around the track of real life scenarios to brainstorm solutions to self-regulation challenges.

About the Alert Program
If you aren't familiar with the Alert Program, this easy-to-teach, practical program supports children, teachers, parents, and therapists to choose appropriate strategies to change or maintain levels of alertness through an engine analogy. Students learn what they can do before a spelling test or homework time to attain an optimal state of alertness for their tasks. Teachers learn what they can do after lunch, when their adult nervous systems are in a low state and their students are in a high alert state. Parents learn what they can do to help their child's nervous system change from a high alert state to a more appropriate low state at bedtime.

To learn more, visit our website at http://www.AlertProgram.com or call us at (877) 897-3478.

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