Vietnam Novel Nits Nerve During Iraq War

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What will one man do--a man who has seen the horrors of war--to stop his grandson from experiencing the same atrocities in Iraq? How does post-traumatic stress disorder affect a soldier so deeply it prevents him from being who he once was?

When Gabriel Sauers arrives in Vietnam, he is the newest member of Two Squad. His fear and uncertainty dramatically increase his first day when his new friend is killed. Will Gabriel survive as the new guy? Donald Bodey depicts the true horror of the Vietnam War in the award-winning novel "F.N.G." (ISBN 9781932690590, Modern History Press, 2008).

Gabriel Sauers, the "F.N.G.", is drafted to serve in Vietnam. Readers follow Gabriel's Army tour of duty over a year as he matures as a soldier until he is eventually leader of his squad. Throughout his tour, Gabriel counts the days remaining, jealous of those whose tours are ending and feeling nervous around the inexperienced F.N.G.s he must lead.

This new edition of "F.N.G." is a revised and expanded version of the novel which won the 1986 Society of Midland Authors award. The novel's new frame focuses on Gabriel's grandson and his recruitment to serve in Iraq. Gabriel learned in Vietnam that War is Hell, and he does not want his grandson to experience the same trauma. A few days before grandson Seth is to leave, Gabriel takes Seth hunting. What he contemplates doing to his own grandson would be unbelievable if not for his protective motives. But can Gabriel go through with his plan?

"F.N.G." is filled with strong individual and realistic characters--the men whom Gabriel bonds with in his squad. Soldier life includes visiting whorehouses and smoking weed, but the real emphasis is on the fear, the sense of duty, and the camaraderie that war brings. The skirmish at the novel's end and its shocking results are bone-chilling. No one will question post-traumatic stress disorder and its causes after reading the disturbing final chapters.

"F.N.G." is packed with descriptive realism down to the gritty details, but never without moments of comic relief. Donald Bodey has captured the horror of war and brought it home to readers in a stunning manner no documentary or memoir can supersede. The opening chapter is unforgettable, and few will disagree with Gabriel's motivation to stop his grandson from going to Iraq once the final pages have been read. Everyone will benefit from this novel--especially military families who want to understand their loved ones' experiences.

About the Author
Don Bodey was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana in an army barracks where his father was assigned during World War II. He went to college to avoid the draft, but after graduation in 1968, he was drafted anyway. He served as a mortarman in Vietnam and returned home weighing 45 pounds less than when he was drafted. Bodey then married and started working in a Florida restaurant. While washing dishes at work, he got the idea for "F.N.G." He went on to earn an MFA in writing at the University of Oregon. He now works as a carpenter in his native Indiana.

"F.N.G." (paperback ISBN 9781932690590 or hardcover ISBN 9781932690583, Modern History Press, 2008) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.


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