Polygamy Porter Beer Protest - Equal Beer Rights for Women; Trouble's Brewing in Utah with the Beer4Her.com Website Launch

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Ex-Mormon, Jezebel is protesting the beer "Polygamy Porter" and demanding equal beer rights for women. Because if a man can have a beer with a 6-pack of wives - it's only fair that we have "Polyandry Ale" where a woman has a 6-pack of husbands. She also started the Recovering from Religion blog to where she reveals how she transformed from being a sinner to a winner.

ex-Mormon, Jezebel founded The Beer Goddess Ministry of Utah and the http://www.Beer4Her.com website to help get equal beer rights for women in Utah….namely protesting "Polygamy Porter" that is currently brewed by Wasatch Beers. Jezebel believes that brewing up some "Polyandry Ale" where the woman has a 6-pack of husbands would show the world that a girl also has a right to choose… yes, even in Utah! ("Polyandry" means that a woman has multiple husbands).

The Beer4Her.com website offers 1) Utah outsiders a glimpse of what it's really like to live in Utah if you are not Mormon 2) The "Utah Hell" page explains what Mormons believe are a ticket to hell. 3) The chance to become a blessed Missionary for The Beer Goddess Ministry of Utah. 4) And the Forbidden Fun Shop (more fun than is allowed in Utah).

Jezebel also started the unorthodox Recovering from Religion Blog and shares her 12 Steps to Recovering from Religion with her uplifting and insightful Sunday BlogSchool! Every Sunday for the next 12 weeks she offers heavenly healing with her wicked sense of humor with insightful posts such as "Religion…a misuse of the imagination?" It's a must read for anyone who has left their religion yet is still haunted by feelings of guilt. http://recoverfromreligion.wordpress.com/

"Guilt and fear are useless…except to create your own hell on earth" says Jezebel who wants to help end the suffering and increase the joy of those that have left their religion. Jezebel is not anti-Mormon or anti anything - she is all about believing in yourself and trusting your own heart more than anything outside of yourself…and having fun while you're at it!

To find out more about what life is really like in Utah, support the cause to get equal beer rights for women and happily recover form religion…visit Jezebel at http://www.Beer4Her.com. Cuz' people have a right to party…Yes, even in Utah!

About Jezebel

Jezebel is an ex-Mormon that founded The Beer Goddess Ministry of Utah to help get equal beer rights for women in Utah. She is also on a mission to serve up some laughter induced stress amnesia to help others joyfully recover from religion as well.


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