A Windows, Linux and OSx86 Capable Desktop Computer?

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RSOL PC's latest desktop computer series is capable of running Windows, Ubuntu, Fedora and OSx86, either simultaneously or independently, on traditional PC hardware.

RSOL PC today announced the upcoming release of their latest desktop computer series which is capable of running multiple operating system platforms either simultaneously or independently on traditional PC hardware and with minimal software patching.

The Smooth Series Multi-Platform Desktop from RSOL PC has been tested to be compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Ubuntu, Fedora and even a slightly modified version of Apple, Inc's Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, commonly known as "OSx86". The Smooth Series Multi-Platform Desktop will be available for sale through their web site on July 24, 2008, and the first units are expected to ship on or around August 8, 2008.

Inside the Smooth Series Multi-Platform Desktop computers, end-users will find traditional PC hardware like an Intel E8400 3.0GHz Core 2 Duo CPU with 6MB L2 cache, a 750GB SATA II hard drive with a massive 32MB buffer, a 20X DVD+/-RW SATA drive with Lightscribe functionality, 4GB DDR2 memory (expandable to 8GB), an nVidia GeForce 8600GT 512MB PCIe video card, Gigabit ethernet, 8-channel digital audio, a USB keyboard & mouse, 6 USB and 2 Firewire ports. In fact, the only things that are not included are a monitor and possibly an operating system if that option has been declined by the end-user. The base model will be retailing for $898 plus shipping and applicable sales taxes.

Although the Smooth Series Multi-Platform Desktop offers wide technical capabilities at a relatively low cost, RSOL PC will only offer the pre-installation of Windows Vista from the factory, and has cautioned end-users on their Multi-Platform FAQ page to only install properly licensed operating systems onto their computers.

This is of particular relevance to anybody that is intending to purchase the Smooth Series Multi-Platform Desktop for the sole reason of running OSx86, because Apple, Inc's software EULA for Mac OS X 10.5 specifically prohibits the installation of their operating system onto any computer that is not manufactured by Apple, Inc. Such licensing restrictions do not apply to any of the other mentioned compatible operating systems, but this particular requirement in Apple's EULA has been referenced in many online blogs during recent months due to the controversial release of an unauthorized "Mac clone" computer from South Florida PC manufacturer Psystar Corporation. Apple, Inc has subsequently charged Psystar with trademark and copyright infringements for allegedly distributing their 'Open Computer' with a pre-installed version of the modified Mac OS X operating system.

A senior spokesperson from RSOL PC added "To be absolutely clear, our company and Apple, Inc are not affiliated in any manner, and anyone wishing to run Mac OS X is best advised to buy an authentic Mac computer from an Apple authorized retailer. Our computer is not a 'Mac clone', and RSOL PC does not market it as such. The Smooth Series' heart is more 'Windows' than anything else, and that's the only operating system we will be pre-installing and supporting through the limited warranty. Also, our model is just as technically capable of running 'Ubuntu' or 'Fedora' as it can 'OSx86', and will handle them all with ease. That is precisely why it's more appropriate to call our product a 'Multi-Platform' desktop instead of a 'Mac clone'."

With regard to operating systems, RSOL PC anticipates that even though there's a low cost base model (that does not include any pre-installed operating system), most models that will be sold will actually be upgraded units that are pre-installed with Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium. "There's no doubt that the Smooth Series Desktop is a powerful 'Windows' machine, so the base model will probably only appeal to end-users who seek an escape from Microsoft's current 91% market share dominance. The end-user ultimately decides which OS they will run on the machine - not us, and most will choose Windows" stated the RSOL PC spokesperson.

RSOL PC Services has been serving South Florida since 2003 and focuses on full service, computer sales and solutions for businesses and home users.


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