Bates Writes Spiritual Living Book--Commitment to Jesus--Transformed Lives, Not Church Membership or Baptism, is the Pathway to Heaven

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Christian speaker and writer, John D. Bates, writes a spiritual growth book warning that even professing Christians can spend their lives sitting in church pews but still fail to gain a saving relationship with Jesus.

Holy Fire Publishing releases Commitment to Jesus (Paperback, US$12.99, ISBN: #978-1-60383-079-9). Speaker and writer, John D. Bates, issues Christians a compelling call to a transforming relationship and a deeper commitment to the Lord. Commitment to Jesus is a spiritual living book that details how even professing Christians can spend their lives attending church and still miss heaven, because they do not have a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. Bates shares his testimony of having nearly missed salvation while sitting in the church pew so that everyone can experience the joy he now has in Jesus.

"Commitment to Jesus shows how too many Christians see Christianity as an attachment to their lives, rather than a way of life. If you were to die right now, would you step into heaven or hell? We are all one step and one heartbeat from eternity. We need to be sure of our destination, there are no second chances."--John Bates

In "Commitment to Jesus," Bates discusses critical faith issues, such as the changes that should occur in those who have had "a true encounter with Christ." He asks readers to reevaluate who is Lord of their lives and to reconsider their priorities. Bates writes that there is a life-changing difference between "building a life in Jesus and making a living." A life lived in faithfulness to God exemplifies that difference. Bates describes a faithful life as more than mere acknowledgment of faith, whereby people identify themselves with the Church and yet have no concept of turning to the Lord in repentance. Bates writes that "just because we join a Church and get baptized doesn't mean we'll be perfect, and it also doesn't mean we have been saved."

"Commitment to Jesus is more than membership or Church attendance. Commitment begins with a transformation of our lifestyle after we believe, repent, and turn from our old self. Just as Jesus was committed to you and me on that cross, likewise, we need to be committed to Him in our lives. There is a lack of commitment today in the lives of professing Christians."--John Bates

John D. Bates, 35 years old, lives in Lancaster, Ohio, with his wife Christina and their children. His passion is for everyone to be sure of their salvation. Bates is a volunteer advocate and sponsor of five children through Food for the Hungry, which provides the help and resources needed to help stop poverty ( ), and he hopes his readers will also consider sponsorship. Bates will speak at various local churches in the Central Ohio area in 2008/09.

Holy Fire Publishing , publisher of hundreds of Christian books, helps Christian writers reach the world through the printed word.


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