Motivational Author Launches Inspirational Clothing/Entrepreneur Website

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"The Advantage" author Gregory Germany launches clothing website, highlighting and supporting individuals in their quest for outstanding goal achievement and entrepreneurial pursuits.

's in my dream, I woke up laughing, actually uttering the word

Huh?! Stuff World LLC founder and author of "The Advantage… The Essential 'First Step' Guide to Success, Adulthood, and Independence" Gregory Germany announces the launch of the clothing website, which showcases the "moments of achievement and/or entrepreneurship".

The Huh?! Stuff World website features shirts, bags, and accessories emblazoned with the trademarked "huh?!™" , "" , or continuously updated phrases that create opportunities for the wearer to either tell their stories of personal achievement and epiphany, or to attract others who have inspirational stories of their own.

Mr. Germany explains: "Goal setting, personal achievement, and entrepreneurship can be very lonely and challenging pursuits. When I was doing research for 'The Advantage', one of the most common themes was the fact that the successful person in question spent a lot of time alone pursuing their dreams, while friends and family were either out having fun, or were nay-saying. 'That will never work', or 'if that was such a good idea, someone else would have thought of it already' are pretty good arguments when your support base consists of only you and your dreams."

Mr. Germany continues: "Huh?! Stuff World provides hope and strength by attracting those who appreciate and understand the struggles of those who crave and actively seek something different. When you see an article of Huh?! Stuff World clothing on someone, you will find a person who has the vision, courage, and drive to change the way they live, and maybe everyone else's (especially if that person is an entrepreneur)."

Gregory Germany's story is a perfect example of why Huh? Stuff World will be so successful. "After a long, challenging evening caring for guests at a high end resort venue in Hawaii, I encountered some difficult situations where some impossible tasks were asked of me. I did all that I could to accommodate my demanding guests. However, in my head, frustration brought choruses of "What?!" And "Huh?!™" screaming into my thoughts."

"While I solved most of the dilemmas, when sleep finally came, my mind could not let go of the frustration that I had been feeling all night. My dreams that night were equally funny and unnerving. I had work dreams; one lady asked for a dodo egg omelet (dodos became extinct in the 1600's), and another lady demanded 'real' Buffalo wings (AAARGH!!)."

"After stifling about a million "Huh?!™"'s in my dream, I woke up laughing, actually uttering the word "Huh?!™". It was then that I thought about how many people must be similarly challenged everyday, and that "Huh?!™" would look really good on hats, shirts, shoes, and other personal items. At that very moment, I knew that my life was supposed to go in a radically new direction. So I got out of bed, picked up my credit card, and went online to buy 3 domain names, to set up my company, and to trademark my brand (I always believe that you should strike when the iron is HOT, even if your inspiration does come at 3:00am in the morning!). Besides, now I own the rights to the word "huh?!" in a country where everyone says "huh?!" Perfect."

Mr. Germany is further buoyed by the fact that many other entrepreneurs (and other goal seekers) have experienced the same obstacles on their way to success. "I am a big fan of shows like 'The Big Idea with Donnie Deutsch' and 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' (Millionaire Profiles). These shows are replete with stories of the struggles that the hopeful endure."

"My wish for Huh?! Stuff World is that it creates for the wearer a support system that helps them foster a happy, fun, nurturing environment in which they can become a productive, happy, and successful person. As one person told me: 'Great relationships begin with cool stories'. My dream began with one, and I hope to be the catalyst for many more cool stories to come."

Huh?! Stuff World LLC (and helps to create a happy, creative, and supportive environment for goal oriented, achievement driven, and entrepreneurial persons. The company's clothing acts as an icebreaker, and provides each wearer with an opportunity to tell his or her story, so as to help them build a support base that will hedge their chances for success. Not only does the company design eye-catching, fun clothing, but also showcases individual achievement in its Huh?! Stuff™ Newsletter (Huh?! Stuff™ wearer stories) and on its Huh?! Stuff Hotties photo page.

Huh?! Stuff World LLC
Gregory Germany, Founder
huhstuff @
The Advantage (

Huh?!TM and Huh?! StuffTM are trademarks owned by Huh?! Stuff TM World LLC.

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