MVP Empowerment Group Teams Up with Revolutionary GeneWize Life Sciences DNA Guided Nutrition For August Launch

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Michael Barrett & Angela Giles of MVP Empowerment and Team up with 24-year-old Mastermind Marketer, Jonathan Budd to Unveil the August 1, 2008 Launch of GeneWize Life Sciences DNA Guided Nutrition in Orlando, Florida with guest speaker, World Renowned Economist and New York Times Best Selling Author: Paul Zane Pilzer. ''Genewize Life Sciences:' a subsidiary of publicly traded Genelink, - with the launch of its DNA Guided Nutrition System, in conjunction with Marketing Group, is a category creator as it sphere heads a whole new way of customizing nutritional supplements based on an assessment of an individual's DNA.

'Genewize Life Sciences:' a subsidiary of publicly traded Genelink, --with the launch of its DNA Guided Nutrition System, in conjunction with Marketing Group, is a category creator as it sphere heads a whole new way of customizing nutritional supplements based on an assessment of an individual's DNA.

World renowned economist and prolific author for New York Times Best Sellers: Paul Zane Pilzer in his recent study: "The Wellness Revolution," reminds us that one-seventh, $1.5 trillion, of the U.S. economy today is devoted to the healthcare business, or what Paul Zane Pilzer better describes as the "Sickness Industry." However, by the year 2010, it is believed that an additional $1 trillion of the economy will be devoted to products and services that keep us healthy, make us look or feel better, will slow down the effects of aging, and will help in preventing diseases from developing altogether. With the technological breakthrough of DNA Guided Nutrition, and other developments in Bio-Genetic research, the implications of the shift to proactive wellness are far reaching from health to beauty to food to medicine.    

Harkening back to 1908, Henry Ford's Model T launched the trillion-dollar automobile industry. Likewise in 1981, IBM's PC launched the trillion-dollar personal computer industry, which grew so fast that PC sales surpassed U.S. auto sales in only ten years.

With the recent launch of GeneWize DNA Guided Nutrition, in conjunction with Dream Team Marketing organizations like:, the trillion-dollar industry of the twenty-first century has arrived, and it promises to similarly revolutionize our lives and offer entrepreneurs and investors the opportunity to amass great fortunes.

This next big thing is the wellness industry, and The Wellness Revolution shows you how to state your claim now while the market is ripe..... In The Wellness Revolution, Paul Zane Pilzer--a world renowned economist, lay-rabbi, presidential advisor, college professor, and entrepreneur--shows us how to tap into this next trillion-dollar revolution. Already a $200 billion business, with most of its revenue coming from vitamin sales and health club memberships, the wellness industry is just now taking off. In just ten years, an additional $1 trillion of the U.S. economy will be devoted to providing healthy people products and services to maintain their health.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, investor, or distributor, Paul Zane Pilzer, one of the featured speakers at the August 1st GeneWize Launch in Orlando, demonstrates how to get in on the ground floor of this burgeoning industry which is best illustrated in the launching of the GeneWise DNA Guided Nutrition System, and promoted by dedicated marketing organizations like MVPGeneWise and the DNA Movement Dream Team, headed up by Michael Barrett & Angela Giles in conjunction with Jonathan Budds incredible Mastermind marketing strategies.

Featured members of the dNa Movement /MVP Empowerment team include: Christina Hessel (the Traveling Nani), Texas based Savanna Moss, Dr. Rusty Dorn, Richard Rizza, who heads up our Scenic Northeast division, Chris Wenz, and a host of other top leaders and income earners, too numerous to mention at this time. Needless to say, the DNA Movement team is exploding, and is off and running as it attracts the best-of-the-best marketers and health care professionals who are joining by droves.

How does it work? Three Simple Steps:

1. Assess, Don't Guess - GeneWize offers the only patented, FDA reviewed, non-invasive, self-administered DNA collection system available. The process is easy to understand. It is simple to do and takes just a few minutes. An individual simply swabs the inside of their mouth (the inner cheek), and mails the swab back to the Genewise laboratory in the special envelope provided Everything, along with easy-to-follow instructions, are included. An individual can now find out for the very first time what's right for them as they are nourishing their body with the ultimate personalized formula.

2. Customized: Their product is created specifically for them. NO more one size fits all!

Consumers will receive a comprehensive personal formula created just for them, utilizing over 177,000 possible ingredients combinations. Nothing but product ingredients is stocked on our shelves. All our formulas are made to order. Basically, it works like this:
....For less than $200 a consumer can get their DNA assessed (This only needs to be done once. Your DNA never changes) After that the costs is about $80-$100 per month to have a vitamin/supplement specifically made to support their genetic code. No more guessing.

Barrett & Giles, having been involved in marketing health products in the past, have never seen anything as effective and powerful as this, due to the DNA based personally customized nutritional feature. GeneWise is especially attractive to experienced marketers and distributors because of its generous compensation plan. This is the way of the future for health and nutrition.

To learn more about this exciting technological breakthrough with Genetic Sciences and the GeneWise DNA Guided Nutritional System and Once-in-a-lifetime Business Opportunity, log onto:
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