Climate Change Skeptics: 'Censored' In U.S Speaking Out Online

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Scientists refuting climate change are repeatedly silenced, but many now discover true freedom of speech can be found online.

Recent actions of the American Physical Society have shown it is no longer acceptable to present any alternative to scientific consensus in America. An article written by Viscount Monkton appeared this month in the American Physical Society's Forum complete with red ink warning that his views were not 'mainstream'. (

Monkton has already accused the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of exaggerating and distorting evidence to support political decisions, and attacked the BBC for showing a "systematic bias" against sceptics of climate change. Freedom of speech may have failed him on this issue. Surely an arena for alternative views can be found online?

Some websites such as Wikipedia suffer from similar censorship problems yet a haven for dissenting opinions does still exist on the net, in the form of a debating website, The site clearly allocates space for both sides of the argument.

The site even has a debate entitled 'Co2 does not cause global warming' which has attracted points both for and against the motion.

On this debate independent scientists and organisations such as Climate Change Fraud create a strong argument against conventional scientific views on global warming. They make claims such as 'Global temperatures have always been changing' and 'Co2 does not hold in heat!' in the knowledge their views will not be presented with a caveat.

Debatewise aims to become the first place people look to get both sides of an argument, as well as resource debaters can use to hone their skills. It is also a not-for-profit which generates money for good causes: revenue generated when it reaches critical mass will be pooled with stakeholders deciding which charities the profit goes to.


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