Ancient Essence's Frankincense and Myrrh Products Bring Early Healing Remedies to Modern World

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In ancient times, frankincense and myrrh were common healing properties for a variety of ailments. Ancient Essence offers products derived from these resins, bringing time-tested benefits to 21st-century consumers, including an Ancient Essence customer who says a product from the company heals his pre-cancerous skin lesions.

Let's face it: there were no drugstores on every corner with different products for all of mankind's woes years ago. Our Creator provided us with the tools we needed, and it grows on trees

Frankincense, myrrh and gold were the gifts brought to Christ at his birth by the three wise kings; though gold remains a top traded commodity, the biblical reference is all most people know about frankincense and myrrh. According to Ancient Essence, an online retailer of frankincense and myrrh essential oils, if people knew the true value of these resins, no one would want to be without them. A recent testimonial from an Ancient Essence customer states one of the company's products heals pre-cancerous skin lesions that the customer finds on his body.

A middle-aged customer phoned Ancient Essence after using the company's frankincense and myrrh mix. Last year, he discovered Ancient Essences' frankincense and myrrh oil, and has since found that the product brings relief when applied to pre-cancerous lesions.

"As soon as I get one of those little nasty lesions I put on the frankincense and myrrh oil, and within a few days, they dissolve away," he says. "This product, in my opinion, works like an acid wash on the skin; it removes pre-cancerous cells, plus other benefits."

The medicinal effects of frankincense and myrrh -- resins derived from trees and bushes, respectively -- are nothing new. Research shows the products were top commodities of ancient peoples, worth their weight in gold. Both resins are used for skin treatments for acne, wrinkles and bug bites. Frankincense, with no known side effects, was used to treat allergies, asthma, depression and anxiety, to name a few. Myrrh is used for ailments pertaining to the mouth and mucous membranes, and is also a natural pest deterrent. In fact, in Somalia, where both resins grow naturally, myrrh is still used to keep ticks off herds of sheep. Many others around the globe continue to apply frankincense and myrrh to a variety of uses.

Another great feature of frankincense and myrrh is their wonderful aromas. They have been worn as an alluring scent by King Solomon and Cleopatra, and remain the preferred fixatives in most perfumes on the market.

"Let's face it: there were no drugstores on every corner with different products for all of mankind's woes years ago. Our Creator provided us with the tools we needed, and it grows on trees," says Michele Hammerton, founder of Ancient Essence.

The resins of frankincense and myrrh are pressed into oil for use. Ancient Essence buys in large quantities and does not cut or dilute the oils with carrier oil, so they remain pure and concentrated. In addition to flip-top and glass bottles, Ancient Essence sells the oils in a convenient roll-on that can be left in a car, pocket or purse for instant access -- just roll a little on to the wrists, forearms, neck, or where needed to help build and balance the immune system.

Hammerton started Ancient Essence after having a personal healing experience while using the oils on her daughter. Intuition led her to rub a small amount of frankincense on her daughter's swollen glands as she was napping with a fever and congestion. "Within 10 minutes the fever and swelling were down. I then rubbed some onto her chest and back to see if it would help her to breathe better. Sure enough her sinuses cleared, and in two days she was back to normal," Hammerton says. She then started researching frankincense and myrrh and decided people were missing the big picture with the Christmas story. Sharing Ancient Essence is Hammerton's passion, and she sends loving prayers into every hand-packaged bottle.

Ancient Essence is sold wholesale and retail from There are many testimonials and recipes listed on the colorful brochures enclosed in each gold gift bag containing precious oils from Ancient Essence.

To learn more about Ancient Essence and its variety of frankincense and myrrh products, visit or call 407-948-9873.

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