Motivation Through 'Abundance Thinking': Direct Sales Expert Explains How to Change Your Beliefs and Change Your Sales Results

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"Scarcity thinking" promotes failure, while "abundance thinking" leads to sales success, says motivational speaker Pat Pearson.

As an entrepreneur, manager or direct sales leader, keeping your sales team motivated can be an ongoing challenge. Even at its most rewarding, sales is often a discouraging task, when it usually requires 10 presentations for every two purchases.

If your salespeople--or you yourself--subscribe to "scarcity thinking," then staying motivated will be even harder, says direct sales expert Pat Pearson.

By changing your thinking patterns from scarcity to abundance, you may not only improve your short-term performance but also build a solid foundation for future success.

"Scarcity thinking includes such self-defeating--and usually unconscious--beliefs as, 'I can't make calls,' 'I'm afraid of rejection,' 'I'm no good at this' and 'There's not enough business for everyone,' Pearson explains. "In fact, more than 75 percent of our internal communication reinforces negative views about ourselves and the world which were often learned in childhood. The constant repetition of this negative self-talk sabotages our efforts behind the scenes, creating the very thing we fear: failure."

Faced with eminent failure, most salespeople initially ramp up their efforts and try to work harder, faster or better. This approach rarely works, according to Pearson, because those underlying lack-based beliefs have created a built-in cap on what people feel that they deserve.

"To break through internal limits and reprogram a new 'Deserve Level,' your sales team must learn to think abundantly as a permanent habit," she says. "First change your thoughts, then your actions will follow. This means shifting your focus from scarcity to abundance by aiming your thoughts toward what you want rather than on what you don't want. Then, expect that the desired results will be yours. That's abundance thinking in a nutshell."

Pearson recommends three steps to transform your inner dialogue:

1.    Think about what you want, in detail. Many people, particularly women, were taught that it was unacceptable to desire anything. It's perfectly OK to want whatever is in your mind, your heart or your soul, says Pearson. Give yourself permission -- the sky's the limit!
2.    Create three brief, easily memorable, positive affirmations -- one personal, one for business, and one health-related -- as if you already have what you want, in the present tense (e.g., "I choose to do the work necessary to make $100,000 this year," "I am effortlessly attracting my ideal romantic partner"). Repeat them to yourself 20 times a day for at least 21 days.
3.    Expect that the desired results are coming to you. Act as though you are already having, doing and being everything that you want now.

According to Pearson, while 21 days is the minimum length of time necessary to change a habit, you will likely experience even greater results by continuing past that point. And if you make affirmations a lifetime habit, it will become second nature to think and manifest abundance for yourself and others, automatically.

Pat Pearson, MSSW, is an internationally known author and motivational speaker with a passion for inspiring individuals to claim their own personal excellence. A clinical therapist for over 30 years, She has spoken to over 250,000 direct selling professionals and has worked with more than 300 companies in the U.S. Pat has given thousands of presentations worldwide to organizations including Mary Kay Cosmetics, The Pampered Chef, Weekenders Casual Wear, IBM, American Airlines, Travelers Insurance and Century 21. For more information, visit

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